Tier list question

I’ve been looking at the tier list and I am wondering what does the different tiers mean? LIke what does A,B,and C mean? I already know that S means best of the best

the higher the tier the best. so it’s usually,
maybe E depending
then F

similar to school grades if you wanna look at it like that. S is the best, and f being the worst


Should A and B tier characters be used or are good teams only compromised of S tier characters?

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S tier characters are universally the characters that you see people use the most. Quasimodo is the best example of an S tier character! You can definitely use A and B tier characters, but compared to S tier characters, they don’t have as much power as those in S tier do.

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That being said, you should definitely try to use any team that you feel comfortable using!! Don’t be afraid to use characters that are low in the tiers. I use Nick Wilde a lot and he’s a C tier at best lol. Just because a character is low tier doesn’t mean they are bad, they just need a right team comp to really get their strengths flowing!!

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Going down from there, A-tier heroes are still very good, but either aren’t quite as strong as higher-tier heroes or require very specific team compositions to reach that level. B-tier heroes are useful in certain compositions, but are otherwise average at best. C-tier heroes are a step below that, and D-tier heroes are generally not useful in any team whatsoever. (Or at least that’s the general impression I’ve been getting.)

Also keep in mind that some heroes require a 5-star and/or max-level friendship disk to be considered top tier, a few require high or maxed red skill levels, and an ever-growing number are one or two tiers higher due to their patch talents.

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