Tim Burton concept series

So yes, I know I said I would do 31 haunted mansion concepts (I’ll still release the ghost host) but now I’m doing Tim Burton concepts, three times a week. From all (some) of his most famous movies like nightmare before Christmas, corpse bride, beetleguice, frankenweenie, and the batman movies. It will start on October 1st and end on the 31st (I think). Here is what I will be doing (not in order).

  • nightmare toys (nightmare before Christmas)
  • mr. Whiskers (frankenweenie)
  • the joker (batman)
  • miss spider (James and the giant peach)
  • victor van Dort and scraps (corpse bride)
  • the penguin (batman Returns)
  • Sea monkeys (frankenweenie)
  • Edward scissorhands (Edward scissorhands)
  • the mayor (nightmare before Christmas)
  • Sparky (frankenweenie)
  • emily the corpse bride (corpse bride)
  • Beetlejuice (beetlejuice) [and one more, Beetlejuice]

I know james and the giant peach isn’t technically a Tim Burton movie, but he worked on it and figured I would do someone from there. Concepts will be released every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Also the nightmare toys are just the toy Duck, jack in the box, snake, wreath, and teddy bear. And I hope you enjoy these. :grin::ghost::skull::jack_o_lantern::smiling_imp:


Also anyone know what streaming service the batman movies are on, cause I Haven’t watched them lol

Looking forward to it but remember that it is spelled Beetlejuice

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Lol it’s always spelled different, I’m gonna watch the movie tonight (yay peacock) it’s gonna be the second time I’ll see it

In Australia they’re on Netflix but I don’t know about the US.

I found them, they’re on amazon (which I have :smirk:)

Sparky concept released

Emily, mayor, and the joker released

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