Time Change Nov 6th

Daylight Savings time is ending in portions of the US on Sunday, November 6 at 2 AM CT and we will be moving clocks back 1 hour. While this should have minimal impact on the game, you may experience a time shift in some game modes.


Europeans already have one, this will revert those. :joy:

Yeah it is a shift back to normal after the usual strange hours week :joy:

I’m aware of that. And yikes! Time goes fast indeed, probably because I’ve been waiting dreadfully all year for Zootopia + series that’s next week, lol!:laughing:
But I’m all seriousness, everything should be fine for me, and I’m glad and thankful that you posted this small news.:+1:

I want to get back to the game, but it keeps saying “Update game”, but the update is not showing in the Huawei store. Please assist or advise?

Does this mean the Invasion will start at 12mn (PH Time)? Or is it gonna be the same?

It started already.

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Ok cool I guess lol :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

OK, good to know.

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