Time for some magic tricks!


Bio: The Wiztastics loves putting on a magic show to other allies.

Position: Mid

Role: Control

Star: 2

Team: Red

Quote: “…MAGIC! Hey, hey, there, we’re the Wiztastics! And we’re back with a brand new magic show! So, prepare to be amazed!”

Basic attack: Magnifo sends magic to the enemies.

White skill, Magic Show (:sparkles:) : Magnifo pulls out a cubit and max with Wizwuz and Mesmo. Once Max, they shoots out magic from their tail to the enemies, dealing X damage.

Green skill, Abra Cloudabra: Wizwuz burps out a blue magical cloud to the enemies, stunning the enemies for 5 seconds.

Stun has a chance to fail above level X.

Blue skill, Liftoff: Mesmo takes off in the mid air, and sends in a powerful flap, sending front line enemies to the back.

Purple skill, Amazed: In each wave, The Wiztastics charms two back line enemies for 7 seconds.

Red skill, For the show: When reach to 1hp, the Wiztastics gains reality and healing over time for the rest of the wave.

Entrance: Magically appear with a pose.

Victory: Fireworks and balloons are in the air, while Wizwuz sends a happy fog.

Defeat: Magnifo throws his wands to the floor, Mesmo says “Meh”, and Wizwuz burps out a sad face fog.


Wiztastics and Merlin

Wrong Wands

Blue team allies gains reality

Allies: Shank, Madam Mim, Yax

Wiztastics and Colette

Foodgic Show

Longer Charm

Allies: Rapunzel, Gonzo, Jack Skellington

  • Wizwuz is the only Series 3 Mixel that cannot Mix on Mixels.com. However, several unused Mix and Murp files were found in the site, suggesting that they were left out by error or simply cut out.

  • Wizwuz is the only member of the Wiztastics that doesn’t start with the letter M.

  • Despite being part of the show, Mesmo prefers to be in the background and not getting too much spotlight due to his shyness.

  • Magnifo is the leader of the Wiztastics.

  • Mesmo lacks emotional expression.

  • Wizwuz tail hook works like a monkey with a prehensile tail to let him hang from objects.

I think to myself that making a concept is harder than I accept it, but I’ll keep that in my head. Got any questions? Feel free to ask me

Aye. I remember collecting these things… j wish I still had them. All in prices now unfortunately.

It could be better…
White Skill is fine.

Green Skill seems a little weak. It doesn’t do any damage?

Blue Skill- You need a variable. Does it do damage?

Purple Skill- Does the player choose when they charm enemies? Does it start at the beginning of the wave?

Red Skill- Does it only trigger once every wave? How does it work?

Thank. And that’s a pretty good thing question you got there.

Green skill doesn’t do damage

Blue skill is the same thing

Purple skill is like Yax, but with no slow

Red skill does not trigger

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