Tips on how to promote fast?

So I’m trying to promote my hero’s to the max level which right now is Y22. But I just find it way too hard to get the stamina since it cost so much for a single hero. I know that you can buy a lot of stamina and that the game is heavily based around that idea but I don’t want to be spending money on a mobile game. The most I could spend is maybe $5. Money is tight and I don’t want to be throwing my money away like that. So does anyone have any suggestions on how I could get stamina fast and with the least amount of money spent?

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Hardly at all. PB heavily promotes spending on heroes to get more stamina and useful things to promote others.

Prime example being trial events. Like come on guys @Nugget
Stage 8 is basically for whales (or very well doing F2P players at least 2y old) and it gives double the stamina and badge compared to stage 7.

However, stage 7 is usually 3*-able with only Zeus/Baymax/Shego at max level. It still should be more even in stamina distribution. Double on stage 8 compared to stage 7 is way too much… or rather 50% of stage 8 gains in stage 7 is way too little. I’d understand if it was 80-90% of what stage 8 gives.

And in general the lower stages shouldn’t give next to nothing even if they are meant for lower level players, since it actively discourages from further play.


The rich get richer

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Don’t use stamina for Y22 badges or even any badges above around Y12-Y14. Like you said, it’s too expensive.

Only the 6th badge (with the 2 ‘halves’) is worth raiding for at those ranks.

Save Badge Crates each cap raise and use those for those badges. There’s a ton of comments around here about how to use those efficiently to get the best results.

I don’t spend and I’ve got around 50 Y22 heroes. It’s possible :slight_smile:


PB: Ok, we will decrease stamina from stage 8!

The gap is justified, the enemies are way harder and the rules more strickly, as they should.
If anything, stage 8 should give more stamina, closer to 5k like from Zootopia trials, and automatically give more in other stages.

And the literally only place like that. It’s good, it’s some challenge.
Everything is perfect.

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Probably more for the #feedback-corner thread but I agree with this. I can’t pass stage 8 currently (with 3 maxed L&S heroes and 0 Frozen heroes) - and the reward difference is not enough to make me want to spend resources on eg. 2 Frozen heroes to pass it. I’ll settle for stage 7 and work on whoever I want.

If stage 8 rewards were increased, a lot, then I might find it worthy and spend those resources for it :man_shrugging:


Uhm no. It’s a very unfair challenge if you pose weak heroes against Rons, Shegos, Zeuses, Baymaxes etc etc

And again don’t try to start with Frozen yogurt heroes again.

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The only bad heroes in this event is Stitch, and kind of Anna.

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No, all the bad heroes are all Lilo & Stitch and Anna.

Decent are Elsa and Olaf.
Only top is Kristoff.

I do understand however that as a whale you treat heroes differently. Fair enough.

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Me? Or you, Mr. 4th place in ranking.

Don’t make drama, Pleakley, Jumba, and Lilo are mediocre at worst, they don’t fall into the bad category.
Angel is good, but lacks of damage. Then you have Kristoff which carries whole teams.

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What a weird way to define “Perfect”! That stage is horrible. And it seems that every time trial events appear, they somehow manage to make the last stage harder and harder…to the point of ridiculous :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

But hey, as long as payer are happy, why care about those play for free or can’t afford to pay???

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… but hey, you couldn’t get these rewards otherwise, stage 7 still gives more than nothing.

The issue is in the core, as Pipsqueak said, the rewards aren’t enough to pay-off maxing the trial heroes to THEN getting rewards. Why we can’t have 5k stamina on stage 8 (and therefore more in lower stages too) like in Zootopia trial event? 4 badge crates isn’t enough to justify having only 1.5k stamina, 10 badge crates would, even then 10 badge crates + 3k stamina would be fantastic.

Stage 7 though allows to use one non-trial event hero (any hero), aka. less work required on event heroes if any at all.

(Is that double standards or what? :frowning_face:)

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Yet I spent less than you overall. WHALE.

Mediocre means bad in my books. Even decent is useless against OP heroes.

Yes, if he and Sven lives. And again that requires a heavy investment.

Kristoff alone or even all 4 L&S heroes might and likely will die anyway though.

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If I was fixing this I’d probably do it by keeping the Stage 8 rewards as they are, keeping the 5 hero requirement, but finding some other way to make it easier. Maybe just by using the Stage 7 enemy level.

Then I’d move the current Stage 8 difficulty (requiring ~5 strong heroes) to a new ‘Elite’ stage after Stage 8, with significantly increased rewards.

That way people with the heroes don’t get bored by a ‘too easy’ trial, and the people without can still get good rewards. Currently there’s too wide of a gap in difficulty between Stage 7 and 8, that 1 hero can be someone totally OP to ensure an easy victory, and the step up in difficulty with having to use 5 plus the increased enemy level is not matched by an appropriate step up in rewards.

That intermediate stage would help well :slight_smile:


Save stamina from wherever you can get it and raid during double drop events.
Try to win the highest event trial if there’s one running (you don’t have to 3 star it, you can fight it everytime…and some days you might get lucky and be able to 3star it based on the enemies)

Then equip all the badges to every hero you don’t plan on ranking up and don’t promote them. Then open badge crates and you’ll be getting badges for the heroes that you want (they’re still random but you’ll be getting expensive badges and you’ll eventually get there).

Always use your daily bonus stamina towards getting the cheapest badges for the heroes you want (if one costs 3000 for example, get it so that the crate gives you something expensive that you cannot afford like a 60000 badge) and also raid elite campaign to get chips for your best heroes (cause they will NEVER be enough)

Don’t open badge crates if the badges you need are cheap, it is such a waste! Make sure to equip all the cheap ones first for every hero

That’s all I can think of


With Money:
Buy stamina deals. Usually buy deals that cost 15-20 dollars. You can also buy VIP, to get power promoting at level 5.

Without Money
Use double normal campaign drops to get badges quicker. Do daily quests, and use gems for stamina deals.

The un-maxed “mediocrity” won, thank you very much.

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