Token points on event capped?

Why are the Token points capped at around 100000 points in the upcoming event?
Stamina and dias ofc are not capped cause of obvious reasons…so just for the whales to succeed there? Smh just for that again…

Well spotted surely this is a flaw ? @Polaris this needs looking at what’s the point in going for tokens in the contest when they are capped

So for the rest of the contest I can’t earn more city watch tokens as I have capped it already with only 20k points???

Umm… This is weird. I play on S22 and it’s even less :confused:

It does anger me on how low the token limit is, it should be infinite for all of them.

We’re on FTN week of the cycle - I didn’t expect this contest to deviate from that, and it doesn’t look like it has :roll_eyes:

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It’s not full-on FTN though, just way too similar

Yeah but, the only infinite things are the things that you need to collect for a normal FTN…

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That makes sense

Well yeah - almost every active player will be able to hit the cap on at least 4 of the 5 tokens, so at that point it effectively is just FTN


2 things upset me about the contest

  1. The finite limit, does not bother me as much because there will be a point where I can stop grinding the tokens, giving me a break

But what really, really bothers me:

  1. Why no cosmetic crates?! :frowning: I will do nearly anything to get those cosmetic crates, they are the only reason I work on contests, I once even spent money to get to the 1M point marker to get them (I know I can get them from reaching a high rank, but I never ever have the resources to)

All I ask of PB is to raise the limit and add cosmetic crates

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I was just about to ask about the capped tokens, seems like a mistake

At this point it is probably too late to change the point system and rewards.

It is a fortification contest, it makes sense that most of the points would be scored with diamonds. It was nice they at least gave some easy points with tokens.

Would’ve been nicer if those easy points at least got us closer to even the first progress reward, but still, it’s more than I would have expected.

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Its not even high enough for 1mil. So you need to spend gems and stamina to get progress rewards en prob end up 25%…

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Yeah those token scores are pathetic you wouldn’t even make a dent into the first score reward.

They made a mistake wished they would respond

It’s a poor attempt to disguise a stamina & diamonds contest is what it is. Max out your tokens that count and you won’t even hit the first star. I really expected better from them for the “Anniversary Contest”. The current scoring is extremely disappointing and honestly almost insulting. 3rd Anniversary of the game and we get a trick contest with horrible scoring; nice way to reward your players.

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