TotallyNotDash's Wall of Concepts

Existing concepts

Lucario concept

Zeraora Concept

Skeppy Concept

Uno Concept

How to 'concepts’
This special section is about my collab with @Grim_grinning_Ghost and more forumers to make guides on the game’s characters explaining how to use them, you can check the list of guides right here

How to ‘Dash’ concept

How to ‘Violet concept’ - Soon

How to ‘Calhoun’ concept - Soon

How to ‘Merida’ concept - Soon

How to ‘Hiro’ concept - Soon

Concepts Coming Soon

A few MC Youtubers- Soon
Voyd- Soon


Requests are unfortunately, currently not available, but they might be in the future, so stay tuned.


I will be updating this wall of concepts over time as, I make more concepts, and I will also try to make at least 1 concept every other month.


Cool! Can’t wait for more!

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Update! My Zeraora Concept has been added to my wall of concepts!

Just started a collab with @Grim_grinning_Ghost and a few other forumers to start guides on the games, characters, and you can check out my first one about Dash right here.

You can also check the full list of how-to guides right here as well

Looking forward to seeing concepts from you!

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So, I haven’t exactly quit concept making, it is just I haven’t had some ideas, and have been a bit busy these past few weeks.

I have a few ideas for some new concepts, but have to brain storm some more, but starting Thursday, I start virtual classes again, so that may push my ideas a few days later.

I hope you understand.



I understand! I keep wanting to work on some concepts, but then I do not find the time to because I am busy right now and will start school again soon.


I have just released my Skeppy Concept and included an announcement on it relating to my concept schedule! I will try to make concepts every other week, and my next concept will be Dream, so I will be brainstorming for a bit.


I’ve added my Uno Concept to the concept wall. I will also try releasing concepts every other month since I usually have a hard time of coming up with skills.


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