Trouble with Ch. 6 Dock 5B and on

I’m confused as to what happened at this point. I was getting 3 stars easily up until this point and now my characters have gone downhill. here are a list of my current characters with skill levels. All characters are max level 42 at the moment of this post.

Stitch 4 star Blue+2
Power 3332
Plasma Blast lvl 24
Slobber lvl 20
626 Scuffle lvl 22

Kevin Flyn 3 star Blue+2
Power 2906
Power Cleanse lvl 20
Weakest Link lvl 20
Data Shield lvl 14

Frozone 1 star Blue+2
Power 2354
Stay Frosty lvl 24
Cold Front lvl 20
Arctic Chill lvl 10

Felix 2 star Blue+1
Power 2266
Nicelander Stampede lvl 24
Fix It, Felix! lvl 20
Honey Glow lvl 22

Vanelope 2 star Blue+1
Power 2239
Lollipop Slammer lvl 20
Soda Geyser lvl 20
Minty Fresh lvl 20

Dash 1 star Blue+2
Power 2115
Swift Strike lvl 9
Getting Punchy lvl 9
Rapid Guard lvl 9

Elastigirl 1 star Blue+1
Power 2045
Iron Fist lvl 25
Element of Surprise lvl 20
Roundhouse lvl 20

Ralph 1 star Blue+1
Power 1768
Wreck It lvl 14
Shouting Match lvl 13
Grand Slam lvl 9

Yax 1 star Blue+1
Power 1694
Natural Healing lvl 8
Flower Power lvl 8
Body Odor lvl 8

These are all the characters I have so far. It seems the more I level up skills, the faster my characters get K.O.ed. Any help on who I should use and what I should level up would be much appreciated.

try to get some more heroes!!! gaining stronger heroes is like the first priority of all players when they start playing. Then you should drop Frozone, Felix, Vanellope, Dash, Elastigirl, Ralph, and Yax. Maybe even the others. Let me know if you have any other heroes, even if they are not built up yet. It also has to do with the level of the enemies.

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also welcome to the forums!

Thank you. Unfortunately getting new characters is going to be tough. Wife put her foot down on any more purchases after what I spent to get Stitch, so I’m now on play for free. Any advice for the characters I currently have? Because of the Brutes I’ve been using Stitch, Frozone, Felix, Vanellope, and Elastigirl. I’ve also done a lot of backtracking to get equip-able items to build them up but I’m at a standstill with that because some items are not available yet. That’s why everyone is Blue+1 or +2 but that’s as high as I can get them right now. All I can really do now is upgrade skills but that hasn’t been helping at all.

U could change the team a bit for now.

Try: Dash,Van,Kevin,stitch and Felix.

Also welcome to the forums

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Welcome to the community @Brimstone_Asher and I agree with the other ones. Try to get other heroes as fast as you can!

Welcome to the forums, @Brimstone_Asher. I have tips for u. Use Kevin Flynn and Felix as both have healing skills, and Felix has disabling skills that complement his tank-role. And Flynn protects allies while dealing damage. His white skill can cleanse allies from all disables and debuffs. Vanellope is a good damage dealer and Frozone have freezing skills. Promote Frozone to Purple to make his freezes more effective. Since your team has a mix of normal and fantastic damage dealers, Dash, Ralph or Elastigirl is useful. Dash can “shield” allies, allowing them to take less damage. Elastigirl can aim at all front line or back line heroes, and can slow enemies. Ralph can also stun and silence enemies, making him an equally good disabling skill hero to use. I do not suggest using Yax as he does not have any cleansing skills.

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Thanks for the info. I somehow landed Minnie 50 chips and Maui 10 chips overnight. Got them both leveled up and up to Blue +1. Still can’t seem to get 3 stars though. It’s like my characters are running too slow to get their abilities out.

Shang and animal speed the teams up
Minnie purple skill can charm the enitre team she is the best charmer in game

the new starting player deals are the very very bad they are out dated
Also adding stars doesn’t give a huge boost so get it passively the real money grabber here is stamina

unless your in server 21-22 then dont even buy the stamina

I’m actually on 22 and I agree, stamina is a pain to gather and wait for. I wish you could earn stamina like other games. Anyway I haven’t been trying for chips I already have. I’m trying to get at least 15 characters so I can actually make a dent in the Coliseum. As for purples , I think both frozone and Minnie have to be lvl 49 and I’m only team lvl 45.

I spent 2k to max less than a month on server 21
unless your willing to spend 2k you have to wait
Its not a grind its just a waiting game

This game doesnt award the active player it awards the returning player

So play another game and just do dailies on this one

Except invation its the one thing where you can actually do it all long

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Just landed Jack Skellington and got him up to Blue+2 and at least lvl 20 on all his current attacks. I hear he’s a good one. Still need to work on Minnie’s skills and I caught Maui just standing there doing nothing while in a battle. It was close to the end and he was left going against Simba and Nalla and Yax. So I’m up to 12 characters and I got Stitch and Kevin Flynn up to purple so, who should I work for next? Another question is what’s the best way to get team lvls up? I’m currently stuck at the end of chapter 6 because I have yet to reach team lvl 46 and i can’t get anybody else to purple until team lvl 49.

quests. best way to earn fast.

Okay has anybody run into this? I’m doing the Felix and Ralph friend campaign and Felix doesn’t attack except to activate Nicelander Stampede. He’ll just stand there banging his head with his hammer. Why won’t he just attack?

it has to do with his abilities. he really is not a tank, but a support.

Don’t all characters have a regular attack until their ability bars fill up? I see the enemies attacking so how does combat actually work? Also when you aren’t using auto, how do you activate the other abilities? I swear this game gets more confusing the farther I progress and progression has slowed to a crawl at this point.

you can only activate white skills or other special abilities such as Meg’s link and Davy’s purple skill (I do not remember the name). the rest are done at intervals.

No most supports dont
And belle is damage and she dont she starts reading book
Miguel plays his music
Joy jumps in her place
And felix can hit his own self with a hammer to”fix himself”

Ok that’s kinda wierd. Well I just picked up Finnick and leveled Ralph’s skills up so I could continue with the Felix\Ralph friend campaign. Actually these friend campaigns are running a bit thin on energy. Is there any that I should focus on? I know they are supposed to lead me to memory disks but which one should I focus on first?

try taking a look at any tier list. the really good ones always have a recommended disk for all heroes

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