Unable to do campaign missions



Just experienced a new bug today. I cant finish any campaign missions, cuz an story text overlay from finnick pops up, that cant be clicked away, preventing me from going on with the mission. Appears in all normal campaign missions… and classic in the middle of an event where i need to spend stamina.

Screenshot added. Fix it asap plz or i cant finish the event. Ty.


This is a support ticket case, as so many forum bug discussions are I think.


To me that’s Creepy. What is that language by the way


German I believe. I wouldn’t say its creepy.


Imagine it happen every single time you battle


Iam no fan of the support. Send my Data for vip transfer and no reaction for 3 days, so i write it here. But i came on today and it seems fixed. So this can be closed. Thx


See, thry do not work on weekends…i think it is weekends.


Neither in weeks i guess, since nothing happened yet either