Uncompletable challenges


I’m a new player to the game and play on server 18, and twice in three weeks we’ve gotten weekly challenges that weren’t even completable on server 18 until the week right after.

The first time was the week before wars were implemented, the weekly challenge was to get a clean sweep in one war in a week, but there were no wars, and the challenge expired on the start of the same day that wars were implemented.

And now this week the weekly challenge is to complete a hard heist with more than seven gems remaining. Problem is that in order for heroes to partake in a hard heist, they must be promoted to Purple 1, while the server cap is currently at Purple 0. The challenge expires on the start of the day that the cap is increased, so it’s the exact same situation all over again.

Is it really not possible to make it so the game calculates if a weekly challenge is completable on a specific server and then picks a new one if it’s quite LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to complete under the set parameters of the server?

As it stands, this is dumb and infuriating game design. We’ve been denied the opportunity to complete two challenges during a very crucial time in the server’s lifespan. Please don’t do this, and fix it so it doesn’t happen again.



Challenge compatibility does not have to do anything with what level you’re at everyone goes through then. Unless it’s part of the beginners challenges



In this case you have to wait for server 18 to have updates.
I guess being patient is one key for this situation.



Wrong. You have to have them at level 70. But overall you are right. PerBlue should make the challenges completable

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Dude this is SERVER 18. This is a WEEKLY challenge



In case any of you don’t know, the level cap for server 18 is currently 60. To have a challenge that requires you to be level 70 is like asking a cat to spontaneously transform into a telephone. It’s a waste of challenge slots and the time of all players to have challenges that can’t be completed by anyone on the server period.

This has nothing to do with skill, it’s purely bad game design.

And I did write that I’m a new player, but I have been playing basically since the server started up and I’ve been at the cap for a while, so it has nothing to do with my personal level. It’s a global problem.

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If you’re trying to make a point, I don’t see it. You’re going to have to explain how those two facts are relevant to my complaint.



Server 18 is one of the newer servers released in the 1.8 update. They don’t have much.



Yes, yet another true fact, but I still don’t see your point. I wrote that I play on server 18 and that I was talking about weekly challenges, so all you’re doing is just reiterating things I’ve already written.

Do you know something about the way servers and weekly challenges work that I don’t, perhaps? Mind explaining just why these facts of yours are important to consider?



I understand your point as well as your frustration. And I think they should compensate everyone on your server for their obvious mistake. Like give you guys the challenge token you deserve

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We have added a system that will prevent Challenges from running on servers where they’re not possible due to the Team Level, or other content limits. We will be cycling the War and Heist challenges on those servers, so they will appear again as Weekly Challenges in the future.



Thank you, you are a true MVP!

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Hmm! :thinking: MVP…

Most Valuable Polaris?


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