Disney Heroes concept


Role: Damage
Team: Yellow
Position: frontline

Source: Marvel Comics X-Men

Bio: Leader of the X-Men, Scott Summers leads his allies with his leadership. For Defense and Offense, he attacks with his Optic Blast and sense

Entrance: Cyclops walks in, putting on his visor

Defeat: Cyclops will fall to his knees, unleashing a optic blast into the air.

Win: Cyclops will switch his visor for his glasses

Basic attack: Cyclops will hit the enemy

White skill: Optic Blast
Cyclops will jump in the air and shoot a blast in the air, doing 750 (level 1) damage.

Green skill: Uncanny senses
Cyclops will shoot a short Optic Blast to reflect off the wall. This will hit the back-line enemy, doing 1000 (level 1) damage. After this Scott will study all enemies. The study won’t work above X.
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Blue skill: Energy resistance
Cyclops will ignore crits and slows. The effect will be reduce if enemy is higher than X.
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Purple skill: Leadership skills
Every time an ally is KO’ed, Cyclops will (try) to lead them to victory, giving them inspiration. This will give his allies 80% attack speed and 30.0 (level 1) attack speed. After doing this, Cyclops will shoot a blast going through enemies. This does 2500 (level 1) damage.


Cyclops and Woody
Brave Leaders
Any of Cyclops laser blast will now pierce through shields

Cyclops and Mr. Incredible
Misunderstood Heroes
Cyclops Uncanny Sense will now shoot one more Optic Blast, doing the same damage as the first.

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He hits the enemy?his attack should be better than that.i mean,it should be lasers the enemy.

Yes but if you think about it Cyclops Blast can break through Magnetos Shield.