Unnoticed Mistranslations

I was just playing the game and passed through the Beast and, in spanish, he was “La Bestia”

The issue here is that “la” is the feminine version of “the,” and the Beast is a male. The right term is “El,” the male version.


Another issue here I spotted. In Spanish, “Mister” is translated as “Señor,” or “Sr.”

This also needs to be fixed

@Polaris can this issue be resolved?

Isn’t necessarily a trouble, this how a reconocible in spanish countries (specially latín américa)

As a Spanish main language speaker i can say that “La Bestia” is written correctly because the use of a direct pronum associated with a female word, here is the tricky part. we aren’t mentioning that Beast is a Female but the word Beast is a female word, and according to the Spanish language the appropriate pronum for this case is “La”.

You can check in the RAE that effectively Beast is considered a female word: http://lema.rae.es/drae2001/srv/search?id=2l6Juk3EoDXX2cEN6FDU in the 3 meaning you can see a small “F” there meaning that the the word Beast in Spanish is a female word, and again this not mean that Beast is a female is only the correct way to write in the Spanish language.


This however isn’t a issue related with the language, they are respecting how in the Spanish version of the movie the characters was introduced, in any part of the movie Mr. Incredible is reference as “Señor Increíble” as you mentioned, neither in the second movie.

I know that the translation have issues in other areas but here, at least they make the big effort to not make mistakes with translating the names of the characters.

Here is a RAE article that explains more about the pronums and possibly explain better why “La Bestia” is correct.


ah yes, makes sense, I know about this. Spanish has all nouns an “assigned gender” some of which can be changed. Like nino and nina. But alot of others cannot like Luna (moon) is always female. You would never have a male moon (Luno) :confused:
So since Beast’s name is Beast and not The Beast. This makes this all the more correct.

don’t mind me trying to show off my Spanish Knowledge plz :grin:


Well you have the chance to show what you learned from school and for being frankly, i respect more the people that talking English have learned to talk Spanish. Is more hard that way that a Spanish speaker learn English. Believe me.

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So I hear. I actually cannot speak it well, For one thing I cannot roll my R’s but I can understand some of it when it is writtem down…most Spanish people speak to fast for me. :grin:

And i say the same for some people that talk in English, specially the singers.
Back to the topic, i know that the Spanish language can be hard to learn and in fact, it is even for us, the naive speakers. That’s why even in a university degree of studies we still seeing “Spanish” or “Literature” as part of our studies.

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Do you have any tips to roll Rs? I’ve been taking Spanish for years and still haven’t quite mastered it 100%.

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Roll r’s like when you say “carro”?

Put your tongue on the roof your mouth and vibrate your tongue

Should be as easy as purring :smiley_cat:

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Ok I’ll try that! Thanks.

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Spanish speakers: …
@Filadae_Djaq : why is La?

I noticed a little problem with Russian Megavolt. In the game his quote sounds like
“Все говорили, я сумасшедшая! Безумная! Съехала с катушек! И как же все были правы!”
Is Megavolt a female? If not, the quote should sound like
“Все говорили, я сумасшедший! Безумный! Съехал с катушек! И как же все были правы!”


Hey this isn’t a bad topic afther all. All the community have many people that talk different languages so maybe we can help with translation problems here. Like the grammar error post, but this one focused in other languages.

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How do you get your tongue to stay on the roof of your mouth? Cuz mine always drops back down again…

I think my tongue is just very untalented…I cannot tie a cherry stem, cannot make a U with it…cannot touch my nose with it, oh, I cannot even blow a bubble in bubble gum…

Well we have something in common

tries to blow bubble gum, accidentally spits it out

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