UPCOMING events in calendar


Just a suggestion.

There have been several times when I’ve logged on in the morning and done most of the daily quests etc. Only to later that same day be notified of an event that’s suddenly started and that I can’t make any progress on until my quests reset the following day.

I’m not saying I need a monthly forecast - just announce them in advance similar to how the challenges are announced before hand.

Pretty please!!



It happened to me too. I’ve finished the Creep Surge and then a contest regarding creep surge suddenly appeared.

Could anyone please share the contest schedule? Please.

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True story, bros, true story



yes this is good and help us pls make it happen



At least the players with different timezones can prepare or reserve their resources for the upcoming contests.



City Faire usually comes right after FTN which is every 3 weeks. Can’t remember the order of the others. There’s 4 main contests and like 3-4 others they give us randomly so it’s kinda hard to say. What I can tell you forsure is contests are released every Thursday. I am on the east coast of the US so for me, it’s Thursday afternoon. If you’re in a different country it might not appear til Thursday night or Friday morning for you. All I can suggest is not spending any of your resources on Thursday until you get the contest notification, or doing just enough to meet your dailies… I know this is really inconvenient for some people, but since they throw in different contests every now and then it’s hard to have an exact schedule

Edit: also depends on your server. my comment is regarding contest consistency that I’ve noticed on server 3