Upcoming Updates and the 6th Star


I agree with raz. I love that the game continues to progress, but now I feel dread looking in shops. The increase in cost for Heist tickets, the need for more hero chips, the need for badges, the need to save for sabotaging… perhaps the problem is that we players need to do too much with shop tokens.


Most p2w are already 6 star… I’ve gone from top 100 to 255th over night being f2p.

Amazing business model.


I’m vip 15 on s1 and I only have 3 toons at 6 star. I dont buy diamond crates because of the blue badges, and I was judicious about buying vip crates - no point in wasting diamonds I need for stamina if 2 of the toons in the crate were already 5 star. If I had known 6 star was coming, I probably would have bought more vip crates during contests … and likely would have ended up buying more diamonds to buy more crates.


So basically the chore answer to the 6* dilema looks like this: We will sell more bundles to the community. I don’t get why my post on the other thread get flagged, cause I did not write anything inappropriate, maybe the truth can be triggering.

Well atleast you gave us an honest answer. If you tackle the grinding problem and all the other known issues like heist, arena and so on. Than the game will only be broken for new players and we old players can still enjoy the game. I used to think that I can somehow catch up and compete with strong guys. Thats why I spent a fair amount of money in this game. Now I will do this in my own pace. I won’t buy any bundles anymore even if you sell it as discount to me. Rather enjoy the interaction with my guildmates. Hope you guys read my suggestions regarding how you can make guilds more attractive. I see lately that more and more guilds are disappearing.


6th star ruined the game for 99% of the players, but yeah their “regular players” who had stickpiled lots of extra chips benefit slightly, but not really. you really try and claim whales are their regular player as if us smaller spenders and ftp players don’t play regularly.

Looks like we now know how you feel about us, and our wallets will be adjusted accordingly.


Don’t know where you get that conclusion, since at least in server 6 everyone seems fine with it, including myself and I’ve seen from both sides, the big spenders and not. Of course there is always exceptions.


So it is after 6 stars. Adding more stars does not help with that, considering several hero chip bundles released right after the update.
Thanks for response, but I don’ t see any of the game problems that were discussed recently ( increasing grind, low rewards, problems with particular game modes) being addressed.

I really like the game. It has many unique characters, nice dialogue, some original features. But currently I’ m loosing interest despite ( or even thanks to) constant updates. I hope thomething will change soon.


Mods will need hero chips, so there will be a game mechanic after 6 stars where you’ll be able to spend chips.

We are aware that player’s are feeling the grind, and we’re being thoughtful how we proceed.We have heard the feedback, and we are always looking at how to keep the game fun, and not a chore.


I see and thanks for responding so well :-).

I think some of the grind could be fixed by increasing drop rate values as you level up and how many you can get in 1 go. I am not sure how the increase in the drop rate curve should be, but I think at least every 10 if not every 5 level it would be nice with a drop rate increase of some sort.
Like when you have gotten to P2 badges your rate for getting P1 badges increases and those below :-).

I also think there should be a point where you go from 1 to 1-2/3 possibility in the campaigns when you are a certain point above a badge level, like to deal with the big amount of Love Bugs bits you will need eventually and lessen that grind.

How to handle the hero chips drop rate increase in the Elite Campaign I am not sure about, but can probably increase with general level or/and how many heroes you have total.

I also think City Watch can be adjusted by not having a fixed amount of money you get, but scale with your level so you have an easier time leveling up the characters skills and other money requiring things like enchanting badges.

That’s what I can think of now and thought I share the ideas as I hope Disney Heroes can get better and be more enjoyable for everyone :-).


Please take this point seriously, the grind is spiraling out of control.

Over the last month I’ve been spending a little more time on my server 7 account…but it’s not fun like it was when we started. It’s completely overwhelming with the amount of characters and content now. Yet my earning potential is relatively unchanged.

I fully expect the low - mid level player attrition rate to be at an all time high.

And I feel like my progress is far too slow on my main server 1 account, I can spend hours on the game and upon review have such small gains to show for it.

Summary of ways to help the grind.

  • Increase stamina regeneration rate (globally & with guild perks)
  • Remove rising cost of stamina on higher chapters.
  • Revamp/boost Trial & Port payouts.
  • Boost heist rewards or lower ticket price.
  • Unlock progress in the Arena, from Gold II up players constantly get trapped.
  • Allow losing guilds an opportunity to get a war crate by reaching a goal (ie 500 points in war)
  • Improve daily quest payouts.
  • Boost check in gold & XP. 40k gold for an active guild is immaterial.


Also, increase drop rates in all campaigns (bits / badges / hero chips). Farming elite campaign for hero chips is ridiculous, especially past 4*.


Suggestions in the next update that is not related to issues about the 6th star, Orange 0, and grinding:

  1. Address issue of AFK players in Heist. Give creator of Heist option to kick out players who is AFK for long periods of time, and for players who join Heists choke-full of AFKers, to quit without any tickets penalty

  2. IMPROVE THE MMR and pairing of guilds in Guild War! It’s been two Wars now that our Top 10 Guild gets paired with much, much significantly weaker Guilds who has only 2 and 1 member(s) respectively, which is quite simply ridiculous. Throw in Guild members who can’t be bothered to read Guild discussions (not your fault for once!), and it becomes a frustrating affair to complete the Daily Quest to either sabotage, or to make an attack during a War. Even more frustrating now that that has become one of the new Challenges (completing all Daily Quests). Please, I love the Guild War, and I somewhat like Heist (even if I feel games can take too long for my liking), so please fix these issues in the next update.

Thank you so much.


Just had another subscribed player quit over the update, again finding it boring now.:frowning:


I’ve had several guild members approach me over the grind, the 6*, and feeling it impossible to keep up, saying they’re not sure how much longer they’ll keep playing. We’re third in total power on s1 (or we were when I wrote this :wink: )… to be losing players at this level, top 200 players… it should be alarming.


Appreciate this reply more than the main post, but please act quickly we’ve already had 15% of our guild quit the game


Sort of surprised that so many say they will quit due to this update, like in the sense that only being the best or getting stronger for the sake of getting stronger matter the most.

I know PvP content are a big part of Disney Heroes, but there are plenty of good PvE content that you can more so do in your own pace. I am referring to the fact that we have an relatively official way for characters who are from different movies to interact and talk with each other.

I personally more so in the mindset of that I wish I were stronger so I could unlock more friendships between characters rather than just getting stronger so I can beat more people in PvP content.

I don’t know if my little comment will change anything, but at least just wanted to say this since so many people seems unsure if they want to continue playing or not. Guess we have to wait and see how this will affect the game long term.

But yeah, guess I personally will look forward to unlocking more friendships and seeing their stories and interactions :-). Enjoying playing Disney Heroes in my own pace after all and will continue to do that ^^.


50 euros would have been totally fine for this offer but no it costs almost 100 €, you can not shake the feeling that you want to generate as much revenue as possible.
I can not imagine that I am alone with the thought here. Right now we could have come to meet us here with 50 € to make this offer. Many more players would be willing to buy it.
Perblue Developer You’ve made such a great game here, please do not mess it up. The gap between rich and poor here is thereby larger
I would wish if you think about it.
I like this game!


There is a simple solution to this one. just don’t buy it. If it doesn’t sell well, than it won’t be offered in the future again. It’s not rocketscience


There SHOULD be things in game that makes you feel your account is unique, and that your decisions helps you to follow a path that only a few are following. I was motivated with Memory Disk level, since they are long term rewards and you need to choose which one to upgrade. But now, any whale can get them. Id love to have a feature or powerup that makes me feel unique in my gameplay, that is were fun comes from. You might dont have every hero with 6 stars, BUT you got this reward


I think its silly that deals come out non stop to let the whales get stronger and stronger. Literally every type upgrade is at their disposal. I will most likely retire soon as i cant keep up as i only spending some each month. Ive literally seen someone on jalf the time pass me with ease and level up faster when i saved all these energy packs for months.