Upcoming Updates and the 6th Star


Yeah whales just lvl up there disk stars in one day while it almost takes a good 4,5 days to even upgrade friendship level to 12 or higher. A new hero comes out and top players suddenly have it at Max lvl with friendship unlocked as well as disk lvl at 4,5 stars. How is that even possible? They don’t play at all just get the deals and boom hero is at max lvl. Where’s the fun in that?? It takes enormous amounts of hero xp, gold, and freind xp, disk power to lvl everything up. Definitely whales don’t play they only buy deals to remain at top. It’s not a healthy competition.


Why don’t add a feature in campaign the more raid tickets you use in a time, more badges you earn? It would be balanced between buy extra stamina for raiding x time one zone or raiding many Zone x time with the same amout of stamina

  • Increase amount of chips from all shops to 10 (from 5).
  • Challenge shop should offer 20 chips per hero because this shop refresh once per week and it’s very hard to get these tokens.
  • Increase chance for hero chips from elite camp to 100%, elite is now stupid chore which take way too much stamina for 0~2 chips.
  • Increase chance for getting chips from guild crate (increase by 20%).

Then 6 star will be no bigger issue, also @Polaris, remember there will be new heroes and getting these heroes to 6 stars will take way too long if availability of chips will stay like now.


It’s almost like when you crate a bizarre hypothetical, to get a bizarre result! SMH


Please hear the positive feedback as well. We’re less vocal because we’re happy. There are so many ways to get chips outside of the elite battles, that list of this discussion is silly. I went from only having 2 heroes with 200 extra chips (both guild crate heroes) to 11 within hours of the announcement because of the chips purchasable with have mode coins. And guild wars gives tons of chips, too.

Also, please don’t nerf the difficulty of getting 6*. Nerfing friendship campaigns removed literally the only end-game content, and there’s still nothing that’s emerged to replace it. The quest for 6* only somewhat has, but it’s not something that requires any skill, like friendship battles.


Yeah of course it is a silly list for someone who played this game from the beginning. People starting early get obviously the time to accumulate wealth. Something like only 2 heroes have 200 extra chips before the upgrade isn’t something most of us is blessed with. Yeah I guess you can get a lot of rewards from guild war. Unless your guild isn’t winning, but yeah I guess that you are in a very good guild right? Btw. Of course there is another way to get hero chips. There are arena tokens right? And hey because I’m an awesome player I get tons of token from arena, colo etc. everyday (sarcasm). And being high VIP player some of the token get even more. And of course the most obvious way to get hero chips: money

Sorry for being sarcastic. But yeah coming from a strong position there is not much to complain about. But yeah i can totaly respect your view. So dont call others silly :wink:


Once you lose guild wars, you hit other people who have lost. We’re all capped at 7 boxes in a month. It’s not hard to do that.


Getting new heroes to 6* will take ages and it’s nothing fun and games.


Maybe not for you but hey game has tons of players. The game is for all not for select people, hope you can understand that


Some posts may be complaints, others are genuine feedback; as a result of seeing ex guild mates and in game friends quitting the game.

It’s in perBlues best interests to avoid players feeling overwhelmed by the game and wanting out.


Lol I’m not defending 6*. My position is actually quite the opposite. I’m only pointing out that people who doesn’t have any problems with 6* but yet calling the majority of people whiney because they are complaining about it. Those people are coming from a strong position, where they have already accumulated enough wealth to keep up with those updates. Maybe you should read my points better next time :wink:


Please stop discussing, it’s useless. on all mobile games there is 6 ☆ if you like it well, if you don’t like it, just stop playing.


And lots of money for the devs too

Guys its simple,
For those who play f2p, just enjoy the game or hit and hold the disney heroes: battle mode app, delete/uninstall…

Problem solve… the game is p2w for being on top, like in any other games, you cant be on top or enjoy the game previlage just playing it for free…

I cant keep up also with the 6*, for me, the main purpose of this game is to enjoy the disney character battle on each other… i already unlock almost all of the heroes, and my daugther loves checking the heroes one by one… even my heroes are on green and blue, who cares, aslong as my daughter and me enjoy the app, its all that matter to me…


Thank you for all of the efforts you put to the game. I hope you can also post these vital information and announcements on your FB page :smile:


I’ve spent roughly $100 over the course of the time I have been playing, and honestly I don’t think the updates are half bad. I don’t consider the amount I’ve spent a big amount, and I certainly don’t feel like 6stars is too hard, considering the game is meant to stay up for a few more years (I would hope). 5 chips per shop, per day, from Arena, Coli, Surge, Heist, and War give you 25 chips a day. It seems to me people just want to be benefited like the whales are, and unfortunately that’s not how the game works, heck that’s not how real life works either. Everyone just wants to be able to be a top dog without having to put much effort. I was a little disheartened at first, not gonna lie, but putting more thought into it, it’s not that bad. The only problems we do have is that it could be a little hard to farm badges. Took me about 3 days to finally get the Scream Canister to promote Buzz from P3 to P4, and that’s dumping the 2 50gem stamina purchases, along with the free daily stamina, but I see you guys are already working on it.


1st, the slowdown is a welcome move but still, i probably echoing many other players sentiments namely forseeing a tough challenge ahead for f2p players. suddenly i saw an exponential growth of 80+ players . my daily grinding (5x buying of stamina) can’t even grow fast enuf n powerful enuf. the higher chapters r far too expensive. my usual way of farming of heroes in the elite campaign is made totally unworkable with the high costs of stamina.

i hope the developers will find a way to reward daily players. daily players r the ones who can provide insightful feedback to improve the software


I know some players are happy they could add an extra star to their heroes but I don’t even consider myself an average player and I have like 3 heroes with 6 stars. Instead of creating a solution, you added an extra issue. You could have made extra hero chips a trading token where every so often we could sell extra chips for something of our choice (gold, stamina, xp…)
It doesn’t seem you do much thinking about the players who don’t spend thousands in your game (because spending hundreds is definitely not enough).
The diamond crate items are filled with items worse than what you get in the gold crates, the price for a heist ticket is quite absurd and the amount of stamina needed to grind some items is outrageous.
One more thing: maybe you should add a small prize to the losing guild at war. Some times it takes a lot of effort and planning for 24 hours and at the end we get nothing but our sabotage tokens back.


Disney Heroes is a great game and could remain so if good improvements are made. Since the 6th star had been rolled out, I would not comment much about it but it should stop there.
Some improvements for consideration though…

  1. more ranking options/perks for guild members (eg. champion, grandmaster, lord… etc) (each comes with its unique abilities eg. grandmaster could have lower ranking members as apprentices). This will generate more interest i guild participation…

  2. allow players to equip their own set of badges from a list of badges… this adds more dynamics to the lineup the player chooses…(same characters but different strengths and weakness)

  3. i love heist but the problems it come with have to be address… (afk, trigger happy, guard grabbers etc) allow more control for the player who started the heist

  4. introduce a Pawnshop where you could pawn whatever you have in excess for something you actually need…

  5. new game mode to allow coordination between guilds… (like heist but bigger scale)

I continued playing the game because of the numerous friends i’ve made within guild and out of it (heist) hence enhancing this interaction would help you in preserving interest in this game. Looking forward for good improvements…


“We’ve also added occasional popups on the main screen to remind you of events currently running.”

The popups are not occasional! They happen alot and I almost bought a 50$ bundle because I pressed the purchase button on accident. Thank the lord for a confirmation button. But this is so annoying I dont need reminders of events! These popups are irrelevant and seems like you just want to take more money from us.
If you can please take these popups off the main screen. Or at least give us an option to turn off the popups. Thanks


Any thoughts to incorporating a handicap system into guild wars to make the battles more balanced when there’s a sizable team power difference?