Upcoming Updates and the 6th Star


I am pretty sure that these updates are making it not possible for me to install this game


I totally agree. At the rate I’ve had to spend cash to keep up with the game it won’t be much longer before I have to quit playing simoly bc I can’t justify spending every 2 weeks twice what my electric bill costs for a whole month. I love the game but it just seems to be evolving into just another money sucker like most games I’ve already quit playing and won’t go back to for this exact reason.


Honestly all games of this type always require spending in order to stay competitive with the top, it’s how it’s designed. You can play perfectly fine for free if you accept you can’t be a top player by doing so


I have one question,devs read our messages and will in future change something in game?I mean,after last updates i understand,this not game for fun or interesting time spending,its just grind,no more.I dont have any fun or interes.Why devs cant make more then 1 weekly event,like last event with mods for heroes,it can make more fun,2 events in one week,i think its great,because wait 1 week for not good event with not good loot,its sad,also if you need SPEND DIAMONS AND ENERGY,what if we dont have enoght,im usual have around 2k diamnos,i cant reach just 1 step progress,its sad.Also,6 stars,its very stupid,what next?7 stars or 8?Yep devs said they dont want add more stars,but rly?6 stars its very lazy solution,he dont want make any interested move with overstocked hero chips,resell or maybe tranafer for other heroes chip(maybe random,its anyway better then 6 stars).


You have to understand, everyone suggestion aren’t good suggestions. If they took everyone suggestions into the game this game would be crap. I think the devs are don’t a great job is listening and atleast entertaining our suggestions


I completely agree with the addition of the 6th star and and completely side with the developers. why wouldn’t they add a new Star like how they add new level caps and new ranks. im suprised they didnt launch with the 6th star.


It seems there is a lot of animosity toward a star increase and a level cap increase, and the concerns are valid. In increasing these caps, you are widening the gap between the people who started the game long ago (and we’re just sitting on items to spend when they bought their way to the previous cap) and the larger player base, who are, for the most part, f2p. The method Per Blue is taking to add additional content to the game is common for the type of game it is. However, this method alienates most of your player base and caters to 1) the people who got into the game first, and 2) the people who spend a lot of money (whales). Games like these are tended to be based around finding a good number of whales and consuming their money through unnecessary things like Challenges, excessive stamina costs, new badges to grind, and, yes, even a new star level.

There is another way to design a game, however, which few companies do. This other method is to cater toward the larger audience. The old game Guild Wars did this perfectly. (Not GW2, that was a huge letdown. I am talking about GW1.) GW1 was successful for at least 10 years, never increased player level cap, continuously added new content, and placed the real money costs to the game at reasonable spots: cosmetics and major content expansions. The point is, people got on and played because gameplay wasn’t about grinding, it was about immersion, dynamic pvp/pve, and a great story.

DH:BM already has a great friendship mehanic, interesting pvp, and interesting hero abilities. It also has a good campaign storyline. (Though, for me personally, I enjoy stories that have a successful ending rather than some neverending struggle. This game appears to offer the latter. GW1 got around this by having a story that ends, but allows players to replay it with different heroes equipped with their own unique storyline.) The problem seems to lay, then, in how you are allowing players to interact with the content you created. The method you appear to be choosing is one of grinding and money sinks. Games like these people pick up because it looks great and has great potential, but inevitably they drop it a month or two later when they find out what it actually is.

Do you want this game to be so great that it lasts 10 years? Or do you want to leech as many :whale2: whales as you can in about 2 years before the player base fully dwindles to nothing?


It certainly was never been created to last for 10 years or more. There will be other trends and other games. You can’t really keep mobile games like this in the mobile section. Its hard ro stay relevant. The strategy will be most: making lots of money as long as the ship is sailing.

I stopped cashing in this game, maybe I will start again if they introduce jack skellington. But mostly I will just play on my own pace. I’m so tired to complain about perblue being greedy or something. If you don’t like it, don’t play.


Lol, I can’t believe everyone believed that jack skeleton photoshop so much


Agreed. Not only mobile games market is very different from PC market, but also the game market changed a lot in last 10 years. Thus comparing DHBM to a PC game which is over decade old is pointless in my opinion.


I don’t mind updates but please give us a way to use unneeded hero chips.either sell for gold.or trade.


Please help to look into the drop down rates for elite campaigns. It’s not even funny to get zero hero chips and lousy plan bits for the amount of stamina spent.
While I am aware that this is done to get people to part with money to buy crates and stamina, it really frustrates players who just wanna enjoy the game Without spending but making little or no progress.

Suggest dev either increase drop rate or reduce the stamina needed for elite campaigns. Thanks


Totally agree, since the addition of the 6th star it has made the elite campaign dismal and really a waste of stamina. You may as well wait until heroes rotate back into the stores.

Paying 72 stamina (24 x 3) to maybe get 1 hero chip is beyond ridiculous - especially considering how many chips we need to farm now the 6th star exists.

Either elite drop rates need to increase, or elite campaign stamina costs need to decrease.

I like how we have had recent changes to ports & trials to help with the increasing demands of the game - this is now the biggest one outstanding.



Do you know if there will be a new update with heroes? If so, will heroes, such as Jack Skellington, be in it?

Mr Tigger


It’s obvious that the 6* update was only released to cater to whales. I’m what you would call a regular player, have played everyday for over 3 months and the game used to be really fun, we could keep up with the P2W players and it was possible to stay competitive with them. However perblue has made it clear that they only care about whales, not the grinders. The gap between the 2 keeps getting larger and larger and I’ve got zero motivation to play knowing that I can’t keep up no matter what. The stamina cost in both normal and elite campaigns is ridiculous. It takes weeks just to collect enough badges to promote. It’ll take at least a month of farming chips from elite to promote heroes to 6*. If you guys truly cared about the “regular” players who had an abundance of hero chips you would’ve found a different solution to it, such as trading with other players or with a shop to creatively spend these excess chips. Deciding to release a 6* furthered the gap. I used to love this game and I’ve made really good friends from playing it regularly, it’s made it very fun to be able to compete with others, however there’s no point nor motivation in competing. Perblue has made it very clear they only care about revenue


Still complains about the 6*?
Yes perhaps was a bit too early to add it, but 5* heroes can make quite well with a good composition against those so proclaimed 6*.
About obtaining chips in the game, perblue offered more ways to get them, we can get chips from war with the loot boxes and the challenge shop, except the elite campaign which seems to lack a bit in this regard.

Trading with other players for me still a terrible idea, something that take a bit of farming could now just take days if you end up beeing friends with that ridiculous rich best friend. Selling chips to get some extra gold? Maybe.

The only thing I want to see come true and would be a nice Christmas gift (in my opinion) is the Heist getting the afk player issue solved.


Totally agree with the elite campaign being a waste, esp for players like me who don’t spend a lot of money to buy diamonds.

My Quorra is 5 star, and I need 180 odd more hero chips to get to 6 stars. Without resets and getting 4-5 chips in a day, it would take me 36 days of just Quorra chip farming to get there. And that’s just 1 hero and not farming any badges.

That is demoralising enough for me to not bother to get to 6 star at all. Heck even promoting to Orange 1 and 2 takes ages, by the time I build my hero power to 20k everyone else is nearing 30k. So i’m pretty much stuck in coliseum cause i can’t beat the top players anymore.


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