Update 1.6.4/1.6.6 Patch Notes


Will Elsa and Shank be available in diamond crates? Is this just assumed?


Most likely

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The only heroes that are not in the diamond crate are heroes in the guild and VIP crates


Yup. Dats wot matter.


I knew saving up thousands of war tokens would be good


What friendship for olaf elsa and shank


@Shinnokgames it’s only server 1 for now but
Aladdin Shank
Baymax Olaf
Elsa Frozone
Elsa Olaf
Genie Elsa
Olaf Felix
Olaf Moana
Miguel Elsa
Shank Elastigirl
Shank Vanellope


I have an account on server1 but dont see any info about that on the friend finder. I see same friendships i hav on server6 up to those for levels95-100 (sally skellington and so on)


How do you know they will be only on Server 1? :thinking:


I mean I’m just going by another comment I saw higher up from @Doctor_Powerline


Doesn’t seem like there’s anything to back up their statement. There are absolutely no indications of these yet in the game or friend finder. And then that same person proceeded to keep nagging about when the update would be. So until something is shown on the app or confirmed, I’m gonna assume they were posting their best guess for possible friendships


I know where the friendship list comes from and I completely agree with it. I just wonder where the ‘S1 only’ part comes from.


Because it is already on server one. They get it before the rest of us. Not hard to understand.


But it would still show on the other servers. Friendships show now on other servers that we dont have yet because of level caps


Not true. It has always showed on 1 before others. Always been the case


Because new friendships require high TL, which is available only on S1 AND then (later) on S2-8 and even later on s9-12…
This case, new friendship will need TL 95-100.

@Meatsqueezer they are not in server one NOW, but after update, yes.


Still i have an account on server1 also and under “friend finder” there is nothing new guys. So i dunno where they took spthose infos but there is no 100% proof yet


So your saying those who don’t know how to play shouldn’t learn their lesson? If I set rules to my heist and you don’t follow, bye bye. How is that a terrible idea? I think it’s great


@Sir_Unicorn_II I get what you mean and i think if they intentional do not listen tjen def kick them. Especially in anything besides an easy heist. However, There is one concern that this format does not address: What if an afk made the heist? Then you can’t kick em. Anyways i believe that this kick feature will be abused by some (not pointing at you) but all in all it is a better fix and kicking an inexperienced player from your heist while not ideal is definitely something I wouldnt disagree with. I usually join heist so i wouldnt be in control but yah!


As available yes. But that’s not what I’m saying Mr. “Not true”. It will always still show in our friend finder as locked since they’re obviously not available to our thing. Ones with miguel showed before he was even announced as dropping