Update 1.6.4/1.6.6 Patch Notes


Still not sure how some people find ways to complain about this update. Do they just want to play the exact same game for he next year? New characters are awesome and hurt nobody.

I just want to say again thank you very much for the additional characters. Please keep them coming. Most of us really appreciate it.


Oh wow, I was thinking baymax might have a friendship with olaf.


Yes. You will get credit for any crates you’ve opened prior to the 1.6.4 update.

Officers can use the extra attacks. There isn’t a game mechanic to assign an attack to a specific player.

Heist tickets are returned if someone is kicked from a Heist. Bit more information about the Heist kick:

  • Players who have heroes battling or chasing the Thief cannot be kicked
  • When a player is kicked, their heroes are immediately removed from the city.
  • The kicked player will not be able to rejoin that same Heist


Thank you @Polaris for that quick response, put my mind at ease - I’ve opened over 2k crates, this is great news!


There is a simple solution… just add more officers to your Guild! There is not a limit.

This correction was essential to prevent low level members from killing the strategy by wasting extra attacks.


Amazing job on a great prompt response


Simple solution.
Just don’t join Heists with random people that would kick you.
I hate joining public heists as it is because noobs that don’t know what they’re doing ruin theif and Hideout fights


Hi, i dont have the new update, could it be that ill receive it later in the day or something? Right I still have 1.6.2 and not 1.6.4, and i was left notice that when i was in there this mornibg that “server update in 10 mins”, i went back in later and nothing yet.


As I remember, Polaris mentioned that the update is not gonna be today but later this week.


The update this morning was not for 1.6.4 - it was for another issues.


That was yesterday.
Update might come today or tomorrow.


Which trial team are the new heroes on?


Just one last thing…of course you add a new hero to th newest market (war shop) but do you realize after 6 win we only get 50 tokens each day right? Hard to collect chips in there guys…


Oh. Ok, thank you for let us know☺


Hi polaris, some queries I have.

  1. Why do different servers get different rewards? Example, the stamina bundle in server 1 gets 65 stamina packs while the one in server 12 gets 45. Is this a discrepancy between servers? I noticed this for some time already that server 1 is always getting higher rewards.

  2. Can we implement a remove all disc button for cw? It’s always easier to clear when we remove all disc and have a lower power level but the process is very tedious.

  3. Can you guys be fair by changing the times bonus packages are launched? We stay in Asia and often the packages launched are during our sleeping hours of 1 to 6am. Randomise it or have it launch at a fixed 24 hour schedule if not players lose out because they need to rest.

  4. Can you guys develop content that is more balanced for free to play to catch up? I’m saying this because there are many who quit with the pace things are going currently. Only the ones who pay get to the top quickly and dominate the game.

  5. There is much room for improvement on the way promotions are made for arena and coliseum. When everyone can beat everyone, it means the players get stuck in a repetitive loop.

Hope u guys can look into these to make gameplay better. I pay alot to play but I give these comment in hope to make things better. Ty.

Ign. Zenariel server 12


Thank you very much for this update. Christmas did came early.
Was a bit worried about the kicking button implement but I see the tickets get refunded to their owners. Hopefully the Afk issue is over and can rip my personal heist blacklist for good.
New heroes are always welcomed and can’t wait to get them.


Really looking forward to this, I hope it’s today!


Because this is not the intended function of the remove disk feature, and is a “hack” of sorts for cw.


@Polaris can we know what day the update is releasing ? Please don’t say this week


It will release when it releases?