Update 1.7.2 Patch Notes


This is only changing the percentage, not the mechanics of the skill.

I did pass this along to the team to review.

Please keep this thread on topic. This is for discussing the 1.7.2 update. Any bug reports, purchasing problems (please send in a support ticket), or other discussion needs to be done in the appropriate channel.


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@polaris question regarding Rex’s memory disk buff, in game currently the mike disk for rex explains it as rex gets the damage reduction and max hp himself. The description of the disk even says ‘takes less damage for each damage ally’.

Your post makes it sound like rex is now giving the max hp and damage reduction TO damage allies, ie keeping jack sparrow alive longer.

Could you shed some light on this please?


For all the hero refresh changes, these are stat changes only. The percentages will change, but the skill will remain the same.


Some changes for server 16 - Guild War will begin on Wednesday. Stitch and Mr. Incredible will be in the War Shop.


Good question @SnappyTurtle, I always thought it works for him.

@Polaris could you explain his disk? also update might be today or tomorrow?


When are we going to have more guild avatars. These ones from lvl 3 guild we had for so long. Also new emojis for chat and a new hero for guild crates. We always get heroes in there which we already fully starred. We should get a completely separate hero for guild crates. Also I think having multiple heroes come out during update would be much better. Like back in the old patches. We used to get many heroes all at the same time. One hero at a time is quite boring to be honest.


Really wish stitch to be in elite campaign though

That’s a bummer


No, it doesn’t carry over. I had originally wondered that myself.


My brother likes Rex
He also wil be happy with his buff


But when do we get orange skills?


We don’t want them at these gold prices are you insane


Jack skellington I’ve only 3 star so it’s not 6 star.


I don’t think dat would be a thing.


When is this update happening? Tomorrow?


I hope so, I need 20 TL to get lvl 90 and I want the rewards for reaching that lvl and it only happen when a patch comes


I heard it may not happen if Google and apple didn’t approve. They post as disclaimer?


I don’t see why they would post if it wasn’t for sure tho…


Uhmm Idk, I also read that but hope everything is ok, I think this game is becoming a very popular one, the best in its genre! Google or Apple can’t risky that much for something that benefit em


Right! I agree with you!