Update 1.7.2 Patch Notes


Excellent this is an amazing update


I don’t think that’s possible. If they implement Orange Skills, then they would have to update every single Heroes’ Skills. In addition to Gold Inflation, that’d be impossible to bear with.

Sorry, I’d say no to Orange Skills.


@polaris when is the update coming , I’m waiting cuz I’m too close to level 95


Dude, wait for tomorrow, because that’s when they announced that the Update will be released. Read the whole thread first.

And please don’t ping Polaris, that’ll just slow the team down.


Update shiuld be available in 8-10hours i presume


Ok thanks . I read it yesterday. It’s alreday Tuesday here . That’s why I asked :blush:


Polaris actually said the update would be today.


Yeah, it’s Tuesday also in my time zone, but they follow the CST (Central Standard Time). It’s currently 5:05 am, Tuesday in their Time Zone, so expect some Updates over the night.


Another top rank player quit the game bec of this update… hayssss hes one of the nice guys in vip chat… just what i thought, a couple of people will quit with this update…

Why do they leave, DHBM is way better gatcha games than the other… except for the crashing part lols


They leave because of the changes PerBlue made, including the Gold Inflation.


I chip eroe in vendita nei mercati saranno gli stessi o cambieranno? (oltre a Darwking Duck nel mercato colosseo già specificato?) . Grazie!!


Yeah it was a change… PB didnt listen to the warnings…

But compare to other gatcha, like looney toons… this is way way better haha the gap between f2p and p2w in LT is like pluto and earth lols
Maybe thats what PB is trying to do… putting some distance between whales and f2p like me… this is really a good game… even it crash every min haha


Sì. Tutto nella Patch Note avverrà, incluse le rotazioni di posizione degli eroi


What’s this looney toons everyone mentions


It’s another RPG game like this, I think.


Monday night I put myself at 9995/10000…I’m ready for a catchup package!


Cuándo se hará la actualización?


Luego. Actualmente es martes en su zona horaria.


The hp healed from jack white skill avast from one of the disks. Will it heal if attacking someone using shields?
It felt like it wasn’t healing if opponent had shield on? Not totally sure though.


One simple change would be for the crate to give options, like War Chests.