Update 1.7.2 Patch Notes


You can’t heal from an opponent if it has shield on it


I’m ready are yall?fill spaces


Update today? 30min update didn’t pop up


Update is today! I’ll post once we have the time set.


I guess we can just say “It.” Best to play it safe. :+1:t4:


@Polaris Are we certain the bug fix for IOS will work?


Yes it better work also want some sort of gesture for all the rubbish we had to put up with because of the crashes


If I had to guess, I’d say the update comes around noon central time? Looking forward to having Jack Sparrow and Rex buffed a bit😀


Thnx, can’t wait for this update!


Couldn’t agree more @Cozta reimbursement for past wars, arena, coliseum, surge fights- should all be rather large in my opinion.


Lol. Give me give me give. Why are people always begging for handouts?


Update is scheduled for 12:30 PM CT!


I tend to agree with the sentiment @Meatsqueezer but this will not be one of those times. As an Android player I don’t know how extensive the crashes were but they seemed to be fairly prolific. At least enough so to warrant fixes to the system. I think compensation is a fair expectation given the circumstances.


12h30 pm heure de Paris ce n’est pas possible il est 7h15 am a Paris…


12:30 PM Central Time US - that will be in 12 minutes.


You can make a new account on a different server, though it might take a while to level up.


Polaris how much longer? Lol you don’t have to answer I’m just impatient :joy::blush:


@Polaris would it be possible to also mention GMT time for server maintenance in the future. Would make life easier for us non-Americans


Try using this website: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

It’s great for doing the time zone adjustments. Type in Madison, WI as a location, and that will show you our time.


Is there an estimated time of completion?