Update 1.7 Patch Notes


@Polaris, since you back, do you know if there is chance for server restart today to bring update 1.7?


Can we like LOWER TL REQUIREMENTS FOR FRIENDSHIPS?? LIKE (FOR EXAMPLE) Baymax and W-ALLE, Merida and Bogo, etc.???


We hope you have don’t. Still haven’t caught up since the last patch. Always limited by gold and xp.


@Polaris do y’all have a day predicted that the update will come out?


We’ll be doing the update today. Will post when we’re ready to do the server restart.


Lower Baymax/WALLE friendship to 80 or 81 please I told perblue this too


Do not DARE do anything to Baymax and Qurroa’s power or skills. DO NOT.


They will Tigger3. They will.


Sigh. Oh well then. I do not like this update.


Fun Fact: Nobody (except Darwing Duck fans) like this update. Specially with the gold and xp increase


Hmm. I have noticed. :wink:


As a Darkwing Duck that only thing I like about this update


I got so hyped when I saw Darkwing then it went down hill


We’ll be doing the update today. Will post when we’re ready to do the server restart.

Are you releasing the Update with all of the changes outlined in the Patch Notes? Effectively ignoring every comment and feedback players have given you and your team?


Oof, polaris. Big oof


They need to release update all again if they want to cancel new economy.
That will be another week of waiting, and I’m not fan of this Duck, bugs just are really annoying and caps for s1 is same for 2 months, getting bored.


It might be too late to change the code and numbers at this point before the update, so it is probably best to wait until the next update I think as then they would likely had time to act on the feedback :-).


Yes definitely they will do it. Neither a meme coming from Polaris will cheer up this community again.


Dude when have they ever cared enough about the community to act on it


I’m on tl 80 and I’m trying to upgrade my heroes. I had 3.45m coins and it dropped to 135,991. How about lowering the coin cost? And consider xp potions?