Update 1.7 Patch Notes


Things that the community have requested before have been fixed eventually, even if taken a bit longer than wanted, they usually do come around in the end with a bit of time.

  • Decreased amount of XP needed to level up.
  • Decreased difficulty of friendship camps.
  • Extra FREE 30 diamonds
  • Diamond crate upgrade
  • 2x port rewards
  • Regular adding of new features to make game fresh (heist, war, invasion)
  • Weekly contests for FREE rewards

and much, much, MUCH MORE.


And that is why content updates get delayed. The excuse that it is too late is a poor excuse.

If they release the Update in its current state players will be quitting the game in waves.

~94% of players voted that they are always in need of Gold. Clearly this Gold change will have a negative effect on the majority of players. If they release the Update in its current state, it is even more proof that PerBlue does not care to listen to players’ feedback.


@Polaris you wanna say something about this ?? noone have as much gold as needed you can cleary see it !


Just wait to next week to cancel this ‘change’, something will be next week, we still need sign-in hero for February.
Just calm down and enjoy other things, WE DON’T EVEN know how big changes are.


Crap I forgot about February sign in nowwho will that be🐭


The server update is scheduled for 1:00 PM CT.


WE DON’T EVEN know how big changes are

Correct. But we know why those changes are being made.

~94% of the players have voted against the reasoning for the change.

PerBlue is relying on poorly developer Data Analytics rather than making decisions based on how players are actually playing the game.

Data Analytics does not, and never will, tell the full story of how a product is being used.


its so funny that you are hyped for the heroes when you will never have the gold to upgrade them becouse of the same patch


Are you seriously going through with releasing this update?


I’m not a huge fan of the gold increase idea, but let’s wait to see how bad it is before we all freak out (too late, I know, lol!).
There are some really cool things happening with this update (especially for those of us on server 1), and I’m kind of sad all the good got overshadowed by the bad.
As for nerfs, I love Baymax and I’m sad to see him weaker…but I’m also sick of seeing the same team over and over in arena. Why don’t we see how bad the nerfs make things before getting super angry and threatening to quit?


I don’t know if they can cancel the update if it has already been processed in the stores, so it is also that fact. Not saying I agree with all the changes and now trying to use up my gold before the update, and in any case leveling up some heroes due benefit me.

In any case I can’t help being a bit of an optimist and I do play Disney Heroes for the story content, so I imagine I am less affected by all of this :-).

Gold wise in terms of increase I am fine enough with I suppose, but increasing the Team Exp requirement to level up affects me more as it means I have to spend more days before I can level up ;^^.

But in any case, hopefully I goes well enough in the end, even if it takes some days/a few weeks :-).


I’m sure it’s already been mentioned… but at the rate of hero releases and level releases I can barely keep up with my top 10-15 characters… I almost never have enough gold to focus on leveling new characters. I’d rather not see a slow down on characters but maybe release 10 levels at a time for a longer period… and the raising the gold is just a horrible idea as probably mentioned over 200 times in just this thread alone


Of course they are @Swashbuckler_Ray_XVI. Hopefully we can get the skill and hp cost changed later if it is really that bad


This is ridiculous lmao. How is this okay? This update is gonna drive even more players out of the game.


I don’t think I will be spending more on this game with the decision to jack up the skills cost. Who is hoarding gold???


I think the best we can do now is to wait to the next update later in January to when we have the February sign-in character announced :-).

Not saying this update is good beside like Darkwing Duck and the Friend Campaign things, but the best we can do is to wait I think until the next update and see if the fix things as then they would have time hopefully by then :-).


Don’t make heroes require more xp and skills cost more gold! I never have enough gold! The only people who hoard gold spend hundreds of dollars on the game. I don’t have that kind of money, let alone to spend on a game! I understand that you’re a company and need to make money, but this is putting too much emphasis on making money! On top of this, you constantly have your Fortify the Network contest, which also favors the paying players. I want to be able to enjoy this game without feeling forced into spending money!


I like everything but raising the cost to upgrade heroes higher than 87 I dont think that is fzir


Fair is what I meant