Update 1.7 Patch Notes


@Polaris is there a list somewhere of which friend campaigns are changing?


Your entire statement is that yeah she’s op and you were well aware of it, but you had no other choice!
I built quorra without spending any money at all. She was easily farmable. Baymax is in an easy shop.

All I’m saying is that if you realized it was op you had to realize a Nerf would come eventually.


@Polaris when is this patch happening?


I agree with u @CowardWhisper8.


What a stupid decision. If u guys wanna control gold then put badge market to buy with high amount of gold.


I’m probably a whale; I don’t have the free time to devote hours to this game every day, so I tend to invest more money than time. I currently have a stockpile of gold. It’s not that I have nothing to spend it on, it’s that I don’t play frequently enough in the day to level up the skills of my heroes repeatedly. I get my top ten levelled up but I don’t play often enough to get much beyond that… have you thought about increasing the max number of skills upgrades instead of making it more expensive to upgrade the skills? I’m level 95, on Server 1, and I was a Beta tester; I love the game, but this is getting ridiculous!
I’ve been working on Quorra since she was first released, and now she’ll be useless. I have just started working on Beymax and Tia, so I’ll stop that now. I have a bunch of random characters who are Blue and lower —I don’t have the time to level up the new heroes while trying to create a strong team, and it looks like you’re just making that harder.
I’ll be honest, nerfing Quorra is a blow, and I’m not sure if I’ll bother finding someone to replace her… she’s not unbeatable, so she doesn’t offer an unfair advantage —my ability to buy hero chips, diamond crates, and badges instead of grinding is more of an unfair advantage than extremely powerful heroes…
Anyway, I just wanted to officially lodge my complaint about this new update. I’ll spend money because I enjoy the game, I’m kind of lazy, and I don’t have the time to devote to grinding regularly, but I don’t want to feel like I have to spend the money to advance… but it looks like that’s what this update is about.


@Mad_Hopper_III did you even read the update notes? They said early next week


I enjoy this game and enjoy the community that is around it. My guild on S4 is a second family and I had gottem my own mom involved in the game and this is has been a fun part in our relationship. I owe this game with all the memories that I have made and wish to continue playing and create even more in the next few months and possibly years to come.

That being said there comes a time and place where rose-tinted glasses need to come off and look at what the game really is. What this game is, is a fun automatic fighter featuring Disney heroes and villains in a multitude of game modes and a game of strategy when it comes to which heroes counter which. The homages that the game pays to each of its source material is phenomenal and the interactions are well written and believable. The actual gameplay and what this game is supposed to represent is done very well. The biggest downfall to this game however is it’s balance.

The balance of resources and characters has been off for quite sometime. Like I have said in multiple posts I would prefer bringing heroes more in line through buffs rather than nerfs. This wouldn’t punish players for investing in certain characters while at the same time incentivizing a well rounded and diverse roster, of which the game provides in spades. As it stands however PB, which I believe to be a good company 9/10 is taking a very sour direction for the game and one, that I believe, if not corrected, will be catastrophic to it’s devoted fanbase of f2p and whales alike.

These current changes stand to benefit neither and instead stand to make whales spend more, while making everyone else have a more difficult time to maintain heroes, let alone raise new ones. I don’t say this as to bad mouth PB but rather as one who wishes to see this game improve and thrive. This current direction will not accomplish that vision. It only looks to squeeze more out of it’s already dwindling playerbase while not making the game accessible to newcomers and veterans alike. I ask again PB that you listen to your constituents and change your mind on these changes.


Gotta agree, I enjoy the dis game as well, & PB, if u do see these messages, pls consider changing some things for these people.


I spent two days talking with support about aladdin’s genie disk being broken. I was told it was a display error. I then sent about 8 screenshots regarding the bug. Then it was fixed in the upcoming patch. You need to speak to support instead of the forum or reddit about it. Get directly to the company.


I think the thing is is that there still working on things like the Invasion so it’s hard for them to balance out work on what they want to do and listening to thoughts of different people so they may be trying to work on that first so then they can tweak and listen to the problems people have because the Invasion is there main priority right now.


Flynn still vulnerable tô ursula White…


Don’t like very much these debuff of Tia (she has low stats… Her effects were only force) and quorra and baymax… Without trying because I’m on 14th server…

However… Lots of fix and it’s OK… But then the improved healing of baymax?? He hasn’t heal skills… Why then?


Dat is a good point.


Well since you guys announced this. I decided to level up all my toons right away instead of waiting. Very bad decision on your part perblue. Like everybody said. You’re going to end up killing the game honestly. Even whales are giving up. There’s other ways to get people to spend their gold. You’ll end up losing money in both ways. People will quit and people will ask for a refund to apple or Google. I’ve had guild mates get a refund to up to 3 months. And to be fair. I am letting people know that option. I hope you guys wake up soon. You’re already making good amounts of money with this game. Stop being greedy


I won’t quit to be honest. I have no money invested in this game And I do not even spend all my time playing it. So while this is another inconvenience for me, I accepted long ago that I would never catch up unless I spent money.

For now, I am just gonna enjoy the story arcs for campaign and friendships. Unless you take those away, Imma prolly stay for quite a while.


Same here :-).

As long as new story and friend campaigns are released I will try to continue to play ^^.

I am glad they have added in a lot of convenience in terms of that free players can now raid more and getting raid tickets, as well as being able to raid City Watch :-).

Really looking forward to see Darkwing Duck’s friendships and stories ^^.


@Polaris when is the update dropping?


They’re way too cheap? You must be kidding me. The normal prices from Level 1 to Level 85 will stack up to at least 2 Million Gold, and you want to increase that?


Gosh I don’t know if @Polaris has noticed yet but there seems to be a recurring theme in this thread. This is obviously a bad idea. Hey it’s ok! Everyone makes mistakes, but why don’t y’all go ahead and say your gonna keep things the way they are in regards to gold and exp.