Update 1.7 Patch Notes


I dont see how that’s possible? Because you got what you purchased…


Hate to break it to you, but there is no game in the world that can make EVERYONE happy.


@Polaris please look at pool in post number 6. U guys making a really big mistake about this. I was about to buy $50 deal but after reading this, I cancel to buy n thinking to quit this game.


Hey guys! Guess what?

no response from Perblue
cuz they know that what we said is true.
The gold increase is crazy
The XP increase is too
At least the Quorra nerf is good
And Darkwing Duck is too.
I tried to make a rhyme
But I feel way out of lines :wink:
Sooo I will stop now.


No response BECAUSE ITS WEEKEND and PB office is closed.


Ok I’m confused… the path note for update 1.7 was posted up here two days ago… when is the update gonna hit server 8? I’ve seen people giving feedback about it and wondering how when it hasn’t come out yet… has it?


Hasn’t come out yet. This is the pre-complaints board at the momebt


Well… @Bre_Anna

@Meatsqueezer and we still don’t know how big this rise will be, maybe 2-3% or even 200%.


@Doctor_Powerline 100% agree with you. We have no idea how big the increase will be. I never stated a number.

I don’t think I would appreciate a 1% increase. It is already very hard to skill heroes without pouring money in. But if you read my comments I’m just saying I think a increase to that would be a bad idea in general.


Just one way you need you bank for cancelling transaction!!


I don’t understand how hoarding by some players effects the cost of gold and xp for others. Inflation? This isn’t an actual free-market economy, you know? PerBlue sets all prices. Raising the costs is “inflation” and at your discretion. It makes no sense to raise the costs for everyone because a few are hoarding. It’s not going to level the playing field; it’ll make things more uneven. If you’re really concerned with hoarding, it would make more sense to cap how much gold and xp a player could hoard. Of course, I’m assuming such a cap would only effect players who are currently hoarding obscene amounts of gold and xp and not those who are merely saving up for the next new hero.


We just need to have patcience.


I meant all my mates, regular spenders, no whales, easy. The moment we are not happy, we’ll leave again. That’s the point. Just the way you change your phone company, we must not stay there forever


Sooo no news from Polaris or Perblue regarding the gold/xp.


@Polaris The patch notes are fairly precise when it comes to the nerfs and what numbers they are affecting and by how much. Would it be possible for we the players to know how much this apparent increase to skill cost and hero experience is? I feel like withholding such information makes it difficult to plan how best to prepare for the patch. Even a tentative number will suffice.


Dragonsoul has a level cap of 160 after 3 years plus. Less than a year in and we are at 105? Guys… You are ridiculous! Please relax the grind.


Well, it will be interesting to see how it goes, but hopefully all of this will go fine enough in the end even if it takes a few weeks :-).


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Giraffeyjosh, you are so right.


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