Update 1.8 Patch Notes


Um I meant literally I am writing a book :sweat_smile:


Buzz gets KO’ed in the game


We complaining about google. The poll that was posted earlier is funny


@Polaris this game is so popular



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Yup 24 minutes till I get more likes…hmmm


Dear Diary…


Is the update here 4 Android?


No, not yet. :sob: That’s what we’re waiting on.


Nope, not yet :wink:


Welcome to the madness @DroneIX lol


Yah hope it doesnt screw you done :wink:


Good one, high five!!! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


That comment tells me you truly haven’t read my replies. My problem with him is quit clear. He made a post implying everyone who downloaded early was basically an idiot…so I’m the rude one? That’s funny. The only other person I has issue with was last week when they implied people needed to stop offering feedback on a feedback page. I’ve had not made any negative replies to anyone providing information. Would love to see you produce one example of that.


@Polaris can you please lock this post until you have some news please? Too much replies today.


please don’t be like that


I’ve actually read every single comment on this forum. Yes his comment was rude too.


high fives there yah go mate :wink:


Hey its fine were just passing time there is nothing wrong with talking to each other


What are the chances this update gets pushed because of google?