Update 1.8 Patch Notes


I think we can confidently say that no one that works for the Google Play Store dept. plays this game.


Alright kiddies… Play nice in the sandbox before Polaris closes it up on us. :joy:


Fair enough. You’re not the only one who updated the game anyway. Several iOS users did assuming the game was ready.


If they do they’re rude and ignoring us


Bully rofl really? No offence you updated the game before it was ready not me? Your problem is you want compensation because you cant get in game I’m guessing. Tell you what if you get compensation for your .mistake Google play users should get to.


They clearly post when update is ready from all parties


Not everyone knows about the ‘don’t auto update trick.’ Hopefully, they’ll learn, and it won’t be a terrible experience. Let’s all be nice please.


Ok could of worded it better but you have to admit Polaris you post on the game when it’s ready and give what 30 min warning


Oh better yet, Google can be faster and more diligent.


I’m not one to gripe, but I do hope that the update comes out real soon. Some of my guild is missing for updating, and its war time.


I never have the auto update feature active on my phone. Drains unnecessary energy from my phone’s already terrible battery life



My first meme!! :grin::smiley::smile::sweat_smile:

If it works??


To be fair, iOS and Android have always run separately. No one who uses one or the other us going to wonder if the other platform got an update. If it was ready for them, it’s fair to assume it’s ready to launch. As Polaris stated not every knew the update would be available before the server update.


They post in games well though


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Cmon Google, you can give us links to thousands of websites in a fraction of a second, but can’t do this. Very disappointing.


I wait for the message from per blue on game that says update in 30 mins


I just came back from school 2 find 1.8 patch notes blown up with comments.


We are an impatient bunch.


Lucky number guys.