Update 1.8 Patch Notes


Whoa we got an expert in here. @Polaris please see how rude he is being to everyone.


Well Polaris just posted the thing saying the servers will be down at 5:00


Just let it go, man.


The update is soon!!!


This game needs to add Lightning McQueen, Bolt, Gantu, and Yesss.


Where at?
20 character


Great, servers don’t go down for 15 more minutes then it’ll probably take an hour or two to finish. It’ll work just in time for my gf to get home from work and yell at me for playing this game…


Hit new. It is a banner, so it should show at the top of your screen.


Hey look! Officially in the Google Play store!


Bro you are so 5 minutes ago


You a godsend.

I didn’t notice thank you.


Well it’s still not in my store lol


You’re out of the top 10, btw


Well I don’t think we’ll be reaching 1000 comments before this thread gets locked since the update is soon.


Might depend on how long the servers are down for the update… :joy:


Yeah I think it’ll still be a while


i’m so ready for this update


@Polaris, hope you do the same with coliseum of changing defensive teams once per day, as you did with Arena.

Thank you.


This has to be the longest thread on the entire forum.


Are you kidding me. Why? Best parts learning to counter lines I don’t get why people want everything easier.