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How does only being able to change your lineup once a day affect countering lines?


It truly is the longest thread ever.


Because there are some who let their friends win and ruin it for everyone else.


Well a person can change it as many times as he wants so different challenges making it once a days well silly can sit there countering same thing all day.


Is update out yet??

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So your answer is make it easier and everyone get 500 diamonds?


Yeah, because there’s always only a single person ahead of you… ok.


If you make coli like arena you will need to beat 3 lines of anyone 1 time a day that’s it.


Once you’ve got 1st that’s it 500 diamonds done


Dont need to do it till next day


You still have to beat the person in first, and nothings keeping you from just fighting more people.


It will be worse watch everyone will drop arena and everyone will get 500 do same in coli same will happen meaning 0 competition


Isnt the problem to find out how to beat the defensive line ups?

No one attacks with the same team they defend at Challengers, so, imagine you’re in challengers, then suddenly someone beats you and lets all their friends go up and then you’re almost out.

That surely is a problem for almost everyone at coliseum.


They will still do it changes nothing really just takes the competition outta arena and coli


Guys c’mon, Polaris has said that this channel is not the channel to be discussing off-topic stuff, yous are just spamming it up on everyone.


Hello there how you all doing.


That’s on topic as its included in update


Not really.

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How long will the servers come back up?


It usually takes about 15-20 minutes