Update 1.8 Patch Notes


Ok everyone! Lets just chill & be happy about dat the update is here. (Soon)


Oh, k thx. I can’t wait for the new characters!


All y’all ready for this?


Yes I am! Who else is ready?! :smiley:


@Polaris thank you for it being done today :heart_eyes:


Perblue this may be the best update yet!


Not a maybe, it is the best update.

  • Great update
  • Horrible update
  • Best update
  • Sucks

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Still offline ?


is OML AHHHHH good or bad?


What is taking the competition away are the rewards of the highest position you reach, it won’t hurt me since…

but it does take away the fun.

The defensive line ups are not the same as having the reward based on the position you are at 9pm CST.

I don’t think everyone would be dropping, but definitely would stop putting one hero to defend when they see they can actually drop out from the league.


Good! Ehhhhhhhhhh ehhhhh


I don’t autoupdate, but I certainly too-early updated this time. I wasn’t going to play anyway, I’m sitting at 104 hoping to claim a level bonus for 105…but longest day not being able to login! Entertaining to read this though! (Even though I couldn’t comment because forgot to change my email)


How do you make a poll?


You click the gear next to the emoji on the top bar when you’re typing a post.


@Polaris Has the server got updated yet?


Give them time. They’re working on it.




Better one for @Polaris do you have a Edna mode meme ready for the update? Or something else is planned?


Well, I can’t enter the server, and I haven’t updated yet, so the update must be in progress