Update 2.0.01 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 2.0.01

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 2.0.01 Update! This release features a bug fix following the 2.0 update.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with combat that will address the following issues:
    • Gold not being awarded in Creep Surge fights or quick fights
    • War attacks having no effect if the lineup isn’t defeated completely
    • Progress was not possible in some challenges

This will be a forced update from your app store that we will be releasing today.


We have released the update to the Apple store and are now waiting for it to show up.


Will there be any compensation?


So what’s going to happen with the current war that we all had yesterday since it was an unfair fight for everyone?


How will this affect this current war?

Maybe nothing. Let’s just say we just need to move on

When is it planned to take place, and yes , some war tokens at least would be nice. Btw. Fight stats screens are messed up and healing doesn’t show at all


How will this affect current war? @Polaris

I just try to challenge to decrease armour but they didn’t count, when they find this it was too late.

Spars are broken and it saddens me how do I know if heroes are good if I cant see damage taken will these updates fix that

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True same here

Yes, after the issue is fixed with the update.

The update will be after war ends at 10AM.


Polaris what about the current war, sorry for the poor note before. Tablet cuts off chat. Thanks for the quick fix.

Good job @Polaris thank you for your efforts.

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Both guilds in the war had the same issues. It was still a fair fight. It’s not like one guild got the glitch and the other didn’t

I have a question about Minnie Mouse is she going to be a free character because at first you said that she would be a free character to all to celebrate 2 years of the game ?


Anything about Berserk not being stolen or dodgers not dodging disables?

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No fix for Invasion?

Spar bug? breaker quest bug? wat about it @Polaris ?

That happened to me alao

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