Update 2.0.03 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 2.0.03

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 2.0.03 Update! This release features a couple bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Deals could offer memories for friendships that haven’t been released yet
  • Fixed some issues with Belle’s skills and friendships. You may notice the numbers on some of her skills change.

We will be releasing this update on Monday, June 1. This will be a full update with a download from your app store.


…this is nothing.

Dodge heroes still can’t dodge disables as said in update 1.17.

Peter Pan and Jessie still aren’t stealing rage, which makes no sense since it’s now a normal buff.

Mulan’s rocket is not working properly.

Sometimes Peter can even be damaged during Air Parry…


Well this was a anti-climactic patch notes


But @Polaris told us that it would be a small update
Don’t be underwhelmed


How do you know? They haven’t released the update changing her skills yet :thinking:


yeah so what exactly is happening to Belle?


she is a two star support now instead of what was said? if so that is a upgrade!


I hope the next update fixes the major issues happening right now.

Mulan’s green skill is still janky.
Hades’ red skill is still janky.
Genie’s Energize STILL doesn’t work with Kristoff’s Crystal Carriage.
@Phaldow mentioned dodging disables is still not happening right.

And a bunch of other stuff.


And hades’s red is still not working last time I checked.


I am exceedingly curious why a bug that has not and can not affect players for another 10 days or so is being prioritized over bugs that have been active for weeks. It is also curious why this patch is a full on update requiring an app update yet the previous patch which included shop changes and a new hero to be one that is server side exclusive.

I get that the issues with Belle, whatever they may be, will need to be fixed especially considering she is going to be exceedingly strong as most new heroes are, but the priorities are severely lacking.


War, Arena, and Coli battle sequences are still out of wack. For example in arena, some battle Mulan turns up alone using her firework skill before any enemies show up then the rest of heroes turn up, none of the enemies get hurt. The skill then just wasted.
In war, enemy Tron show up alone, used his white skill (maxxed flynn disc - finished the whole animation and everything) before the other heroes turn up but when the rest finally show up, just automatically deletes all his enemy’s buffs, which is unfair cause in spars he can be countered before he finishes his white skill animation when the battle starts.
So buggy it’s just insane…


Disappointed that that’s all the bugs that were fixed

Was expecting the Mulan bug to be fixed and the arena defence bug to be fixed

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‘Charm has a chance to fail on enemies above X’
Also Charm: Fails every time but works on the 3rd time and that too sometimes

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Idk how to take a pic of it

My bad!!:neutral_face:

Your bad why?

Wow perblue.is it just me or have updates gone pretty down recently…

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i have to agree to disagree

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Nice let see…:laughing:

What’s the latest on fixing surge my guild is pissed off our purple districts are over 100k and a few of our yellows are pushing it it makes people not even want to bother really and we’re only a top 20 guild on server 21. You also said about endless surge in state of the game address we are now 3 updates past when it was supposed to be implemented. when are we getting that? @Polaris

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