Update 2.6.11 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 2.6.11

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 2.6.11 Update! This release features a bug fix for some iOS players who have been locked out of the game and a couple hero improvements.

Hero Improvements

  • With the refresh of Mad Madam Mim we intended to increase her usability in PVP. The changes to her performance in Invasion were unintended, so we’re making the following changes to her to fix that
    • She begins battle with the Tank/Crocodile mode as her starting mode
    • She also gains X energy when an enemy is KO’d from her skill “Mad Energy”
  • Kermit’s skill duplication was creating an unstoppable hero combo with Jumba. In invasion they could defeat any level boss.
    • The change is when Kermit duplicates Jumba’s Theoretical Experiment skill’s basic damage buff, it should use Jumba’s basic damage at the time of the buff’s creation instead of Jumba’s current basic damage to prevent an exponential increase in Jumba’s damage.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with an SDK that was causing some iOS players to be locked out of the game.

This is a full app and server update. The server update will happen on Friday, February 12 at 11:30 AM CT. The app update will be unforced, so once it’s approved, it will be released and players can install it as soon as possible. We will force the update on Monday before Invasion begins.

This is an update for all platforms, not just Apple.


Mim is invasion queen again!


This was the one part of Mim’s refresh that I personally thought had outright hurt her Invasion potential. Nice to see this is fixed!

That’s also a REALLY good change for Invasion, given how many enemies can spawn in bot fights.

Glad to also see this getting fixed!


Woohoo 4th comment. Also, who knew banjo boy could be so powerful?

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So if Kermit uses the skill twice could the team still work?


i can’t wait! Kermit would be so awesome!

Thank you soo much for the fix!


Is it just me or someone else finds the wording quite complicated here?

So you say that Jumba´s current basic damage is so vastly different from the “buff´s creation time basic damage”?
Also, it wasn´t even Jumba all the time who could KO the bots. :joy:

Besides, was Theoretical Experiment really behind the team being any level boss defeat? I always thought it was Part of Plan instead.


It was. If you noticed, bots could only be defeated after Theoretical Experiment was used.

Is it supposed to be rolled out now? I think I am just in a different time zone.

So if I don’t update the app as it’s not a forced update will the changes be implemented?

I think the maintenance start in 30 or so mins so you know NewLovesDisney :-).

Thanks, in my Time zone it is 1130 now

No problem and happy to help :-).

Really cheap move… eh.


Finally I can see wasabi in game (not to excited but whatever

The support ticket is usually answered in 24-48 hours. You didn’t need to @ing Polaris.

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3 minutes unit update!

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Then, just put the question here, if it’s about the update.

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