Update 2.8 Known Issues

No, he must do the animation.


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So Wasabi is blocking Tron’s white skill?

No. The projectile blocking is a skill, not a passive.

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I don’t know if this is a problem born after the update. I realized only now that to open the diamond crates there is no longer “open 10” and “open 100” but it is possible to open only one at a time. Is it possible to resolve as soon as possible? opening the crates one at a time becomes boring :sweat_smile:

also, when i choose the team for the attack in war or at the colosseum, my characters appear slightly off screen (ios phone)
as in the photo that I am attaching



The issue is already known

About the disoriented coli/war teams, I think that issue has been posted in other topics, but I don’t think the team have said anything about it


@Polaris Its red invasion again?:thinking:


And again armor upgrades? It just was 2 weeks before…


@Polaris Can you please have them reset this invasion for server 1 because I’d like to do blue invasion this week as intended and possibly get another reward besides armor… because like Musk said we got them two weeks ago :disappointed:

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Are you both on S1? I’m on S21 and it is Blue Team invasion

I’m pretty sure only Server 1 is only being affected by this :thinking:

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I’m just trying to be helpful xd (Not to mention that there could be other servers we haven’t heard from affected)

I’m having same issue still @Polaris with heroes appearing off screen on ios

So assuming the silence of @Polaris that either means it’s not getting fixed and we have to wait for blue next week or three weeks or it’s being fixed and will release soon :woozy_face:
I’d hope they fix it today so that it’s in line with every other servers color invasion from here on out

THIS is true. What is done can´t be undone. (Also doubles as an Incredibles 2 reference)

Clawhauser’s position was changed by mistake. We’re working to fix that.

I’m not sure why the invasion is the wrong color this week. I have asked the team to investigate.


Please don´t change it back. His current position (after the supposed mistake) is better.

About the Invasion, there is definitely something wrong in general with S1. It´s not just current invasion. Wrong color is more like a manifestation of it. There is delayed invasion while other servers are fine etc. Maybe S1+S9 merge brought that? It´s been a long time since it´s happening, might be related.


New Bug: Red invasion for S1 when it’s supposed to be blue

Oh you already said it-

Tengo el mismo problema alguien que me ayude

No he podido abrir mi cofre de deseos

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