Update 2.8 Known Issues

one at mega hard one at unfair…?
hopefully the double ports are extended till bugs fixed… or compensated


what is the current highest level for the port now? Because yesterday I had the opportunity to do the new “SUPER DIFFICILE” level (in Italian) but today it does not allow me to select it. in fact it stops at “INGIUSTO” always in Italian, as it was before the last update… IS IT RIGHT TO BE SO OR IS IT A BUG?. I’m in server 1.

Mega Hard difficulty in port shouldn’t be available until TL 240 but it was configured incorrectly. When we fixed the issue with trials on S21 yesterday that ‘fixed’ this also on all servers. We’ve changed the unlock for Mega Hard on ports to TL 235 which should restore access to players who can defeat the lineups there.


with the power and possible combinations of heroes now, we could probably have the lineups intended for level 300 and still defeat them in a few seconds. It’s obviously not a bug, but Port (and to a slightly lesser extent also Trials) are incredibly cake-walky for endgame players as it stands :stuck_out_tongue:


Ich kann keine helden bei der Invasion wiederbeleben

Could the team consider some changes to limited one-time buffs and debuffs? To make them unremovable.
This includes


  • Maui’s ‘‘Courage’’
  • Barley’s ‘‘Encourage’’


  • Kim’s ‘‘Monitored’’

It’s just useless that these heroes can apply these buffs and debuffs once and when removed/cleaned they will never appear on battle again, it’s really annoying with Barley, it makes him near to ‘useless’, his full green, purple, red skill and Ian’s disk revolve around his buff, and can be removed immediately by Tron or stolen. These buffs should get the same passive as Eeyore’s shield ‘‘cannot be removed, copied, or stolen’’, and Kim’s debuff shouldn’t be removable, it should work just as ‘‘Most Wanted’’.

Captain Hook’s Peter disk effect: ‘‘Captain Hook blocks all projectiles from passing him when he is channeling “Cold Steel”’’ doesn’t work.


basically this @Polaris… honestly I wouldn´t mind if you did upload 3 higher trials and ports to old servers to have Y1 bits right off the bat (obviously too much since you wanna get paid for it first)

Not for Kim, she can use it again now

Not guaranteed, can fall on a stack of hardy, and can be again cleaned right away, and it’s mainly about first use, if it fails Kim’s energy gain is dramatically decreased.

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Tron isn’t always removing buffs

Seems to be related to Mr. Big

The maximum TL value is 230, but the level of XP drinks at the port is still displayed as mega hard.
Will Megahard be hidden once I put it back?
In addition, there is mega hardware in the display in the trial. Is this the correct display?

Ok, probably Mr. Big’s green skill cause of the hardy stacks

But… where did that bear trap come from? There is no HDL from either side!

Challenger Rule



Hardy does not affect buff removals. Especially when the hardy is on your side.


I don’t think it’s supposed to be like that…

I mean, the Cheshire Cat admits to not being all there himself…



There’s a reason Cheshire Cat is censored


Did anyone report the bug that when Kronk is dead that he still uses his trap?:thinking:

No, the problem is Wasabi but not every team is trigerring this bug.

Then explain why Tron removed buffs when Mr. Big wasn’t on the team? :thinking:

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