Update 2.8 Known Issues

I’m just trying to be helpful xd (Not to mention that there could be other servers we haven’t heard from affected)

I’m having same issue still @Polaris with heroes appearing off screen on ios

So assuming the silence of @Polaris that either means it’s not getting fixed and we have to wait for blue next week or three weeks or it’s being fixed and will release soon :woozy_face:
I’d hope they fix it today so that it’s in line with every other servers color invasion from here on out

THIS is true. What is done can´t be undone. (Also doubles as an Incredibles 2 reference)

Clawhauser’s position was changed by mistake. We’re working to fix that.

I’m not sure why the invasion is the wrong color this week. I have asked the team to investigate.


Please don´t change it back. His current position (after the supposed mistake) is better.

About the Invasion, there is definitely something wrong in general with S1. It´s not just current invasion. Wrong color is more like a manifestation of it. There is delayed invasion while other servers are fine etc. Maybe S1+S9 merge brought that? It´s been a long time since it´s happening, might be related.


New Bug: Red invasion for S1 when it’s supposed to be blue

Oh you already said it-

Tengo el mismo problema alguien que me ayude

No he podido abrir mi cofre de deseos

Hi. I don’t know if there is any mistake or not but I used to have more than 1000 antivirus but now I only have 3 left :frowning: is this a bug? Thank you

They announced in the patch notes they would be removing all antivirus from players inventories, players do not need them anymore


@Polaris Is there a reason why Randall (Yz) is not removing buffs copied by Kermit STILL?

Clawhauser’s position in combat is fixed. It’s intended that he appears behind Sulley, but not as far back as he had been after 2.8.


Thanks! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

:sob: How the typos live on in infamy!


Its oke Pojaris!


Cheshire stays untargetable until fight times out.

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That’s how slows effects on him :frowning:

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Nooooooooooo! Anyway, can you please explain why S19 has R19 tiers of deals if they are intended to go to R11 on 27th?

Not my pic, but 1553 in S19 at R10 (to be R11) vs 1874 in S1 at Y0 (to be Y1) is very disturbing and awful.
Bear in mind that I store data about the previous offerings and even times of the raises, that´s why I know the deal is “R19-tier”. And I am not happy.

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