Update 3.3.10 Known Issues

Here’s a list of known issues after the 3.3.10 update:

  • Possible Google Play update not showing. This is a Google Play side issue and you may need to wait for the update to show or clear cache in the Google Play Store App.
  • Guild perks screen is unresponsive
  • Buttons being too large in certain areas (Red Skill leveling up)

These issues have been resolved:

  • Amazon update was approved!

There is an error with guild perks.
The whole screen is unresponsive, except for the navigation button. Tried on Android and Apple

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Not even the arrows work. Just the drop down menu.

Every time I try to log into the game on my IPhone, the update starts becoming slow and even stuck to the point where I can’t log in


Once again, new hero (Bolt) has experimental stats, they are way too low for a new hero.

When Helga and Bolt spotlight? :nut_and_bolt:

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Their spotlights will be up tomorrow when the Prize Wall kicks off.


Same here, Android user.


The guild screen being unresponsive and another issue of the arrow to level up red skills being too large are being looking into now.

I’ll admit I could be misremembering, but I think the Back arrow and the Exit button are bigger than they used to be, as well…

Hmm… forum’s icon and so @System avatar should be changed to the newest one.

Yes, there are some large button display bugs happening in certain areas.


There ya go! Changed it, but you might need to refresh or log in/out to see it.


don’t worry too much about this one; all of us are maxed out anyway and have been for an incredibly long time.

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Uhm no, consumables!!

Is it just me or have names been moved up a little bit?

I caught this when I unlocked her in the sign in

MINE IS STUCK AT 55. I’ve heard others say rhis

Please make sure your internet connection is stable. What device are you using? Is it up to date? Have you cleared cache on the app?

Yeah it’s android and updated and my internet 8s great

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