Update 4.7 Patch Notes

Not only do we have to deal with baymax now we gotta deal with quorra again and we still have Zeus. These initial start of battle heroes are annoying and ruin the fun in the game


Although I’m glad they are here in “Next update, when?” So, for the future update, is it possible for 2 heroes to come out for 200 heroes?

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Great patch notes!! New hero looks great and super fun!! Guild war is great, and hero improvements are so good!

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Oh no, now I have to deal with a “Stat Refreshed” Quorra too?!
More than that, don’t you think it’s a lot early for a new Hero? Either way, super excited for this Muppet duo.

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Ikr. But, I suppose that a Kevin Flynn with a greatly improved Purple Skill will be just in time for something like that but…we have to see the numbers first. I am definitely not looking forward to another super strong opening Skill though, and especially not Quorra if they “accidentally” make her as insanely powerful as she was when she was first introduced.


Did not expect that!!!

Ok. Still waiting for Toy Story characters to get patches.

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I am soo excited for this Kevin flynn will be much better and merlin and anger I will wait next month for toy story but this is exciting

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They should have made Kevin immune to DEBUFF instead of Disable. That would be the most effective way to refresh him

Finally some love for Quorra. She has suffered enough. How I missed her :heart::heart::heart: I dropped her a long time ago but if she is strong after refresh, I will bring her up. For old time’s sake

This patch note looks great. One thing though, in War Update post, you said that we could have a new wave to spend influence. And in either post, none of it was mentioned :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: much appreciated if that could be clarified


I love Statler and Waldorf


Yeah, 8th Heroes from The Muppets series, Statler and Waldorf joining the Battle!
Wakka Wakka… -Foozie


Why do I always come here? I guess I’ll never know. 🤷🏻
:joy: But in all seriousness, WHOA! I wasn’t expecting another patch notes to happen so soon already after Little John joined in. It’s been quite a year in a half since we got a Muppet character and these two are certainly exciting as ever! I can’t wait to see the visuals on Statler & Waldorf, I bet it’ll be pretty funny as I can imagine.:grin: Their friendship with Carl pretty much makes sense since they’re basically the same age. As for Fozzie, well…I’ll just say their friendship won’t be the most healthy out there.:wink:
As for the improvements, since there’s so much going on, I’ll just stick to the season 4 trials. I’m most pumped for Inside Out because I got them all over red ranked, 2 of which were Red+10! As for the rest, looks nice as well, though I might want to level and rank up some of these heroes at some point.🏃🏻‍♂️
Overall, while it may have been too soon to start patch notes since the prize wall literally just started, I still can’t deny that this is certainly another sensational announcement! What do you think Statler & Waldorf?
Statler: What’s the point of us joining this game?
Waldorf: It’s because so we can make fun of those boring fighters!
I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but think about how S & W would react when they were the new heroes. Maybe not the best S&W comment, but I tried my best.:clown_face:
Again, all jokes aside, still exciting news as ever!:+1:


I think it’s okay that buff in anger but what about joy, she really need a major buff in terms of HP and blue/green skills, in most cases she’s the first to be defeated in the battle because her low HP and weak healing in comparison to other healers.


I’ve got the best feeling that another cap raise is released 2 days before this.

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That’s the highest amount of hero refreshes. The front 2 heroes from Inside Out have gotten their refreshes, but when it returns, the rest will be refreshed.

Looks like there will be 2 merge trials for this season.

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We already have Yellow Rank up to Y23. Maybe Platinum Rank is next.

Don’t worry. She will get her refresh IF her bug is fixed, and her franchise returns in another season.

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Statler: “So, it looks like we’re in a fighting game now, with all these heroes.”

Waldorf: “Yeah. They must be desperate, if they need our help!”



I can’t WAIT for me to try and progress my Anger-Hades Friend Campaign, after being annoyed SO MUCH, by FRIGGIN’ Olaf!!! >_<


Can we seriously get Joy and Donald fixed already? The main reason why people would pick them doesn’t work! It’s insane to me how much time has passed and nothing has been done about it.

Other than that I’m excited about the refreshes. Especially Kevin’s. I feel like you could sneak in some anti-buff stealing in his kit (for a certain duration, his red skill could have it) to make him more meta…since Aurora can shred through everything with her white skill.


This is my rotation prediction for Prize Wall Heroes

Prize Wall then IAP then Battle Pass (some heroes) then Challenger Rewards then Contest Rewards then VIP Crate then Guild Crate then Event Token Crate then Diamond Crate then Elite Campaign

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