Updating Challenger Seasons Rewards

One goal we had with the rework of Challenger Seasons was to ensure sure the rewards remained either largely the same or even greater than the original Challenger rewards. After reviewing player feedback and the data from the first week of the mode, we’ve found room for improvement. We made a change today to increase the amounts of diamonds and tokens in some of the daily rewards in Divisions IV-I. This will ensure that by the end of the season, players will not be earning less than they would have under the old challenger mode, and many players will be earning far more than before!

Thanks for your continuing feedback on this mode rework!


We gained 500 diamonds a day per mode.

Nobody sees those until week 4

So Assuming you rank 1 from week 1 you’d get
Week 1: diamonds - 1400 (old way 3500)
Week 2: diamonds - 2100 (old way 3500)
Week 3: diamonds - 2800 (old way 3500)
Week 4: diamonds - 3500 (old way 3500)

Current : 9800
Old way : 14000
X 2 as this only applies to one coli or one arena

And this assumes the person does the work to rank 1 everyday. This can be a lot more work now too. The old way was simple.


This also does not factor in the tokens which are now required for certain hero’s. Which are at a huge loss now as well.


(Unless you haven’t updated the game yet).

But this is why people are mad. M


Just one question, are those changes are live? :thinking:

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No. The team decided they wanted to double/triple/check again/ok one more time/run the numbers again before we push them live.


Thanks for realising and resolving the issue so quickly :slight_smile:


Any chance we could see a bump in the number of hero chips awarded each week? Getting 26/30 for a new hero was a huge tease.

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The changes are now live. With the triple/quadruple check we discovered we needed to adjust all the tier rewards. We’ll be sending out compensation to players for the rewards we increased that they may have already collected.


Now it’s something to battle about, 3rd and 4th week give really good stuff now.

However, there’s one issue which wasn’t resolved, daily diamonds should depend on highest place over day, not place at end of day.
XP is also problem (still little), but it’s not main problem (yet), main one is mentioned above.


I knew I was right to believe that Perblue really is trying to do better know. GOOD JOB PB!!!

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Anyone not in challenge such as platinum or lower are getting worse now than before, by going back to you get based on end rank instead of highest rank during the day are we even more worse off.

Then add only top 21 in challenge will get tron rest of server gets nothing and we ruin the game more.

No current new setup is one big middle finger to all players who can’t pay up the amount the big spenders can.


I bet that’s a bug. Hopefully they fux it in one of the next updates.

Not a bug because it was added on previous update when new challenge was introduced, so I doubt it’s a bug, so not only did they ruin what we get they went back to old ranking system.


Just because it was added doesn’t always mean it is there with a purpose.

There are these things called “bugs”. Sure, you may see them as insects, but they can also be things that may ruin your gameplay experiences

What are the new rewards numbers, compared to the old way. Currently we earn 800 chips and 500 diamonds per day for each mode, provided we make one jump to 1st.
This amounts to 22,400 chips and 14,000 diamonds per mode over a 4 weeks period.
How do the updated challenger rewards compare to this?
I am all in for updating rather stale game modes and challenger seasons seems like a good idea. But since now it requires more effort/time, the reward system should be set to a minimum of what we earned previously and increase with players wanting to put more effort.
Please don’t turn new/updated game modes that should be a welcomed change, into another source of frustration and negative feedback.


We did not change anything about the rewards in the tiers outside of challenger. The daily reward for those tiers is still the highest rank achieved during the day. We made 2 changes that would impact players outside of challenger:

  1. We added a defensive cooldown to coliseum teams.
  2. We froze the promotion timer when players fall out of a promotion slot.

The daily reward in challenger is the rank at the time rewards are calculated. With the key and point system, there will be less wide changes in rank daily, so having the rewards based on current will work better.

This is how rewards were calculated. We’ve also added more rewards with the weekly and seasonal rewards, so players will be getting more than just diamonds and tokens from competing in challenger seasons.


Thank you sincerely

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No it doesn’t, in morning I’m first, and during day my rank is falling and during sleep it keeps falling even further. In this system I would never receive top 1 rewards, “wide changes” keep happening, at newer size of leaderboard.
This happens everyday, on longer term it’s BIG loss of prizes.
This is even more frustrating when collecting weekly rewards.

It’s definetly not better but worse.

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Got it. We’ll keep an eye on things and check the data once the season is over.

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