Updating Challenger Seasons Rewards

I’m with PB on that particular point - there’s not a huuuuuge amount of differences in rewards between the top #1 and top #X in Challenger seasons any more - it’s not like the difference between 500 and 200 diamonds from the previous system.

It’s also much easier to stay at the top of 10-20 players than at the top of 50 (or 500!), especially with how the ranks are now calculated - you can’t just beat the #1 person and jump up there.


@Polaris Are we on other servers to expect a Red Skill length of development for this new Challengers feature - i.e. should we expect it in several months from now or are you planning on rolling this out far sooner.

Would it be possible to get a month of expected release from PB?

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Emmmm are you still sending this? Because i haven’t received yet any.

Your league must be a lot more competitive than mine, then; I somehow reached first 16 hours ago, and despite not attacking since then I’ve only fallen to third. And it’s not like my team is holding steady because it’s some unbeatable powerhouse; it’s a standard Miss Piggy line, and at a little over 600k I’m one of the weakest arena teams in Challenger.

It would be interesting to see how the various leagues currently operating in Challenger differ from one another, really.

They haven’t been sent yet. I’m waiting on final confirmation of the list and comp amounts.


Why are the keys even necessary? I am guessing I am not the only one fighting the same people over and over. I can’t advance because I have no idea how this key structure works.


Use a key to unlock an opponent. You are then able to attack that opponent.

3 tries per opponent are free, plus your usual attack count per day.



Compensation has been sent!

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It only involved tokens from the shop, right?

That’s correct!

Just every mode we have gets a slow down fused with another thing to slow the income you need for it … do only I see this ?? City watch. invasion, arena colosseum which modes are left without an unnecessarily being added broken change??! :joy:

Which, by the way doesn’t improve our gameplay, only adds more buggs to your unsolvable collection. Like its Invasion once in a week you have a favour for currently

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I understand that part. I had no keys for days. There was no information where or when keys would appear. That was the part I didn’t get. Now I’m frustrated by this new improved arena when I had days of no keys and just had to fight the same people over and over. I prefer getting to pick from 500 people in challenger.

It was hard for me to get through that original server competition. I pushed through. This needs to be a separate in server thing. I’m finding it harder and harder to play now. I understand the need for change, but this is ridiculous.

You should receive new keys each daily reset - if you weren’t, that sounds like a bug :thinking:


Musim Lagenda yang mungkin boleh menewaskan saya!

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What about the “support” system for the last week of the Challenger season?
Give up your key or daily bonus and vote for who the Challenger Champion will be.
If the voter becomes a champion, everyone who voted gets a little bonus. (Like a boss battle of invasion)
You can’t see who voted for how many people. To prevent it from becoming a popularity vote.
[Purpose] In the Challenger season, even those who cannot enter the top class can enjoy the sense of presence.

  1. Do not necropost
  2. An arena and a coliseum is where you fight. In real life and in the game. The winner isn’t the one who got the most votes, it is the one who outperformed and/or defeated their opponent. In other words, your idea isn’t a good one. But I didn’t say it was a bad one.
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It is a bad one. :stuck_out_tongue: Arena & Coli aren’t a popularity contest. Most people have likely never talked to most of their opponents.


(I was going for not being too rude this time)


Heya what if I wanted to request a hero is their anyway to do so

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