Valentine's Weekend Contest

This Valentine’s weekend contest is horrible. The hero selection is ridiculous. Two of these heroes have been diamond crate exclusives and even after opening 50 or more crates most people still do not have them. The overall hero selection is mostly under used heroes most people don’t bother with.

The last contest like this featured more popular heroes and people still hated it. Resources are sparse as is and the majority will not be able to do much with these heroes let alone complete a city watch with these guys. I’m level 103 (max is 105 On my server) and cannot even enjoy or use all the heroes selected. I can’t imagine newer or mid level players will be able to participate much if at all?

Very disappointed to see this contest. Some new contest ideas would be greatly appreciated that everyone can enjoy to participate in.


At LEAST 400 diamond crates used for me since Magica came out and still don’t have her. Or facilier either. Was gonna complain about this contest but… what’s the point anymore. PB doesn’t care about mid-level players. bottom line cut and dry.

at least they finally took donald out of the top rewards. hooray?


@polaris… And doesn’t help that it features city watch and surge where a lot of forum posts are complaining how difficult they are even on easiest settings. Contests like these should be a guild contest in my opinion bc a lot of people are struggling in city watch as is. Personally I feel I’d be lucky if I even get a star this contest bc got one Orange rest purple with this selection of toons. Think it be better if it was any villain use is points not per individual toon (include scar, malificent, etc ie all villains).


It’s hopeless at this point. Why even hope that they will listen. They’ll just throw us players under the bus again after so many times.

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Server 1 here. I have all these guys at high level and I’m no whale. It’s not hard just time consuming.

@Benny_Boi_VIII You missed the entire point.

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This contest is horrible. I have none of the contest heroes invested in

All of them are new heroes, the oldest one is Queen of Heart. But seriously, who would ever use her? Her skill set is horrible. She does little damage and literally contribute nothing to my teams…

And I have a feeling, these heroes will be the one for the upcoming special Invasion

Long story short, I will have a lot of free time this weekend and next week. I have you guys to thank for that, @Polaris. Splendid work as always :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:


I’m not a whale by any means. I have spent some money on this game though and I have all of these characters unlocked. However, I do agree that this contest seems a bit ridiculous. As stated, most of these heroes are newer and not many people have enough resources to pour into these toons. There should have been some older toons placed in the contest. It does seem like quite a bit of an oversight too to use City Watch and other modes that are already being complained about.


I would encourage everyone in your guild to post these toons as mercenaries so you can hire them for City Watch and surge. It’s not the best solution but it might be able to help you out a little bit. Good luck everyone!

Not impressed either. Only hero I have leveled is Gaston and I’d like to consider myself a top player on our server.


Unfortunately, this contest has the same problem as the special Invasion had. I understand that you want to give a bonus for those who already has Magica and Facilier. I guess, the same with Oogie and Megavolt, but…this contest doesn’t include more popular among the teams villains, like Jafar, Randall or Hook. And that’s sad, especially with CW and Surge teams being so powerful :sweat_smile:


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@Benny_Boi_VIII Oh i have all the characters. But its PerBlues fault that they are leaving F2P players and low paying/income players behind in this. Going against what everyone has been complaining about the last few months. Its yet another slap to the face. Im standing up for the others. Why cant you?


Perblue has employees that need to be paid and roofs to keep over thier heads. F2P players don’t contribute to that. Of course that doesn’t mean they should be ignored but it makes logical sense for PB to cater more to the people who pay. I understood your plee but you need to understand Perblues side of the situation too.

Terrible excuse to justify and try to back up their actions. Do you know how much PerBlue racks in for paid players, F2P let alone ads from google and apple? This is why the game is so imbalanced and broken now in the first place. Get your facts straight on who really contributes and who is the important customer base here before the game finally dies. Crap comment :-1:


For those complaining, keep in mind that farming friend missions can earn you 1 million points if you stay on top of them.

Please explain- obviously I know you can mathematically get there, but is it really reasonable?

Just use the friends points mission got 250000 in one swoop.

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It’s perfectly doable. People just want a reason to whinge.

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