Villain appreciation thread 😈

The queen has been added, now she will be on the list

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King Louie and Davy Jones were added, let’s add them

King Louie is a villain?

Yes, he kidnapped a child against his will to wield fire and be feared

The Man Behind The Spamming, I order you to STOP.


This is for Disney villains, not for the villain I am simple, I love to loathe the Disney villains, but not love to loathe you


Hey, I did it.

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I am simple you know you will be banned when @Polaris is back on

You are a hero, what are you doing here lol

Begone, The Man Behind The Spamming!!

I don’t care if this closes but leave now for you will be banned

Please, don’t spam anymore. If you need a friend, I will be your friend.


Don’t do it man

To stop him, I shall.

Flag him plz

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Leave now, you are not welcome to spam on these forums, you have rained to much terror on these forums I am simple or should I say big crash, or should I say a cringe

I can’t.
I can’t stop him.
He’s too powerful.

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This topic was automatically opened after 16 hours.

Hey, it’s open again!

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