VIP Level 0 Server

I am new to forums, so I’m not sure if this has already been discussed or not. However, has having a VIP Level 0 Server ever been considered? I know many players like myself are VIP Level 0, and while the game is still fun on normal servers, having a servers for those who choose not to pay-to-play would be beneficial to those players. It could even be done that being on that server means you can never be higher than level 0, and contests, crates, and offers could be tailored to what resources can be earned from gameplay. It’s just a thought. It would be nice, but again, I don’t know if this already has been fleshed out or not.

I think a lot of players would love this, but unfortunately there is no benefit for a company to create this as there is no revenue to be generated.

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Ah, yes, good point. It definitely would have been nice.

Definitely would be a nice idea, to even the playing field to all players.
Something that they could consider doing is to have the server as a monthly subscription to pay like $5 a month, which gives all players the same benefits and heroes. This eliminates the players that spend $100s a month and all players can enjoy the game at a small cost, without creating a pay gap.

Yeah, I get you. For those who are willing to pay that small amount, it’s a good solution. I was just thinking of those who don’t want to pay anything but like you said, no value in that.

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