VIP Level transfer


Hello everyone, i would like to know if it is possible to transfer the VIP level i got on my server in a new server i want to go and start from the beginning. Even if i lose it on my main account i dont care, i would appreciate a lot transfering it to a new server.

If anyone know if its possible and how i would appreciate it a lot !


I don’t think it’s possible. When you start a new server you start all over. So no vip or heroes that you’ve unlocked. You would have to do it all over again. Also you wouldn’t lose your old account. It would still be there if you wanna go back.

Edit: I was wrong! Sorry!


Think you could send ticket to PB and they would transfer the VIP to an other account


Yep, talk to Support.

I’ve heard of them transferring diamonds and VIP rings for your previous monetary purchases, but that’s about it. If you got your VIP level from offers or survey’s, that’s not likely to transfer.