Votes for new charcters


Big hero 6 was produced by Walt Disney animation studio, and released by Walt Disney pictures. They already own the few obscure licenses they need through owning marvel studios.

Baymax has been found in the data already In friend campaign dialog


Not that…the game developers getting the license to use the characters. BH6 is very hard to get and currently the only game that is able to use them is Disney Magic Kingdoms. Not that it’s tied to marvel, it’s just a very hard to get license.


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They should add Wonderland characters like
Mad Hatter
Skill 1: Tea Time
little tea cups walk across damaging the enemy 250 per player
Skill 2: “Fixing” clocks
Mad Hatter throws gears at his enemies from breaking rabbits clock damaging 300 / hit
Skill 3: Happy unbirthday
Mad Hatter sings happy unbirthday for 5 seconds giving 500 house to his teammates per second
Skill 4: Eat me
Mad Hatter eat some of the eat me cake and grows big she Stomps on the enemy damaging them 1000 / stomp
Inspiration for skills teatime was inspired by his love of cheap fixing clocks was inspired by when she said that rabbits clock was 2 days late so that’s why he was late for the Tea Party happy unbirthday was inspired by him singing Happy on birthday with hair and mouse eat me was inspired by when Alice is trying to get the key in the room but she has to eat one of the eat me cake and she grows way too big and starts crying and floods the whole entire area
Mad Hatters friends
Cheshire Cat and Stitch

Cheshire Cat
Skill 1: zip Dash
Cheshire Cat appears and disappears and the enemy can’t see him because he’s so fast doing 250 damage each appearance
Skill 2: singing mysteriously
the Cheshire goes invisible and start singing which scares his enemies stunning them for 20 seconds
Skill 3: disappearing
The Cheshire Cat disappears and restores full Health to his weakest teammate
Skill 4: piano teeth
The Cheshire Cat starts playing piano with his teeth but his teeth fall out and hit the enemy damaging them 500 damage each hit
Cheshire cat’s friends
Alice and Violet

Skill 1: down the rabbit hole
All the sudden there’s a hole in the ground sucking in one enemy damaging them 100
Skill 2: drink me
Alice drinks a drink me water and turns tiny where should an attack her enemies without them seeing her for 10 seconds
Skill 3: lost in Wonderland
Alice throws signs at her enemies damaging them 500 / hit
Skill 4: Eat me
Alice gives one teammates eat me cake making them grow huge advancing there skills X 2 damage

Alice’s friends
Mad Hatter and Jessie


Queen of hearts and jafar, oooooo. Great suggestions


I made her skill what do you think
Queen of heart
1 star hero
White skill:sweet duel
Queen of heart charms two enemy for 7 second.also increase their basic damage by 23(+2) .The two enemies will fight with each other.
Green skill:pick a card
She will randomly use on of this symbols.
Spade club heart or diamond
Spade:if she use this she will damage an enemy with spade then she will stun the target for 3 second.
Club:the club will damage an enemy and also curse him.
Diamond: diamond will give the ally target 300 energy also increase attack speed by 15% and damage by 26(+10).
Heart:she use this to heal an ally .
Blue skill:
She becomes angry and shout .She make enemies deaf for 2 second.The deaf enemies skill with fantastic damage can’t deal any damage to enemies .She can use this enemy when her Hp fall below 20% and have a 25 second cool down.
Purple:when she deaf damage or charm an enemy she will mark the target by heart.and make their armor and normal damage weak (reduce by 10%) the mark can stack up to 4 times .When the marked enemy die she will hire acard solider. Card solider last for 10 second and have 367(+10) health and basic damage .258px-Queen_of_Hearts_officialQueen-of-Hearts


I think Elsa would be epic (: maybe too Frozone-ish, but they could have a friendship(:slightly_smiling_face:


We just got Stitch in the latest update. The downside: stupid VIP Crate.


Why the raccoon? I think either Voyd, He-Lectrix, Reflux, Screech, Krushauer or Brick are good candidates.


Here is a list of characters I would like to see. In no real order.
Lady and the Tramp
The Aristocats
The Fox and the Hound
The Black Cauldron
Oliver & Company
The Lion King
101 Dalmatians
A Bug’s Life
Big Hero 6
The Good Dinosaur
Kim Possible
Teamo Supremo
Gravity Falls


Add big hero 6 Tarzan Hercules flubber 101 dalmatians stitch michey mouse jungle book and Moana characters


Hi name is Mo and yes I agree with you


Before voting on new characters maybe the old can be fixed…?


You should add Mickey Mouse, Inside Out emotions, Dory, Nemo, Merlin and Hank from Finding Nemo/Dory, the Oozma Kappa, Lotso, Cars, Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Taffytha Muttonfudge from Wreck It Ralph, The Bugs from a Bugs Life, Mulan, Moana, Pocahontas, Oswald, etc…


Id like to see repunzel and flynn rider


I want her


Zeus and hades
Anna,Elsa and olaf


One I would like to see is Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. I know you’re more focused on Movie characters than TV characters, but still. Other cool ones to see would be Elsa from Frozen, Lilo from Lilo and Stitch, Maybe Hector from Coco, I’ve seen alot suggesting Hercules, Maybe some of the BH6 characters, and hey, maybe some of the Wannabe supers from I2! Voyd would be a really cool one!


@Nathanor I want to see some of those too. Also nice to meet a fellow KP fan!


I know I’ve been rooting for them to add Voyd. She would be so cool using her powers to help her allies and to fight.


I also agree with you on Kim Possible