Votes for new charcters


I would love to see the Disney princesses, Winnie the Pooh characters and all the inside out characters as heroes, that would just be great !! :heart:


Fish outside of the water will probably not work


Hahaha but it would be fun


Yeah, fish swiming in air would be cool!


Peter pan
Or Wendy


Christopher robin


Turbo… … (the snail)


Not a Disney character


Disney should add Screenslaver, we have Zurg so we know it isn’t limited only to heroes.

Level 1=Hypno Eyes-Stuns the enemies for 10 seconds.
Level 2=Self assault-Hypnotizes one random enemy into punching himself, inflicting 13 damage.
Level 3=Hypnotic wave-forms an energy wave that inflicts 20 damage.
Level 4=Hypno Ninja-Attacks all enemies inflicting 40 damage to each enemy. (Based on the fight scene in Incredibles 2)


Dreamworks man. Come on! I just cringe when people want characters from different companies.


It would cause many major lawsuits and would not be possible.


Bernardo y bianca…


Wot? Pls tell me dat isn’t a dreamworks character.


Jajajaja… no… is disney xD


Maui is already in the game


Doofeshmit… y asociados…




I’d love to see:
Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington, Sally, the Mayor
Mulan: Mulan, Mushu
Gravity Falls: Dipper, Mabel, Stan and/or Wendy
Pirates of the Caribbean: Will Turner, Mr. Gibbs
Hercules: Hercules, Phil and/or Zeus
Sword and the Stone: Merlin
Tangled: Rapunzel, Flynn and Maximus

I’d understand if they didn’t, but I’d be happy to see something from the other studios Disney owns, like Marvel and Star Wars. I know they have their own games (and for that reason I’d hope there weren’t too many characters from those things), but part of the appeal here is the crossovery element and it’d be fun to see some of the friendships and such. I mean, Thor and Maui? Iron Man and Hiro? Han Solo and Nick Wilde? The possibilities are endless


Yes I love the I idea


I totally agree with Marvel & star wars being in dis game. Even if they already have their own games, so what?