Votes for new charcters


Bolt. He already has powers in the movie. PLUS we dont have a dog in the game yet lol


Candance… from phineas and pherb…
Power: mom come and see


I personally would love to have Dipper and Mabel in the game. I don’t know what they would do or look like but please put them in the game!


Dipper would have Journal #3 to potentially study his opponents, Mabel would of course have her grappling hook (and maybe some of the stuff she had in Mabel-land?) and there are no end of other weird gadgets and supernatural items they could use from throughout the series. There are a lot of possibilites


Omg YES. This needs to happen.


J’en n’ai trop marre d’attendre la mise à jour


Never had a person asking for a can of whupp a* as you…^^


… Is it Bolt? I think it’s Bolt


Mulan characters:
Li Shang
Chien Po
Villian- Shan Yu

Angel from lilo & stitch 2


I’d like to see the Star Wars saga Vader Luke solo chewy yoda and many more…


Star wara characters can’t join this game.
They have seperate another game.


Star wars does need to come, same for Marvel

(Not kingdom hearts, their game is good enough for them. So they can stay put there)


See, Star Wars and Marvel have their own games, but if they appeared in THIS game we could see them work alongside and interact with all these Disney characters, whereas in their own game they can only interact with other Marvel/Star Wars characters. Galaxy of Heroes is more dedicated to Star Wars and thus provides the more obscure Star Wars characters, but only with other Star Wars characters, and the Friendship system allows this game to take advantage of these combinations of characters interacting that we normally couldn’t.


Although Star Wars NOW belongs to the Disney Company they have their own game and I feel that is a good thing.


I want to see lilo or lightning McQueen


I want to see both of those two. (Mostly Mcqueen)


Stitch is in the game.


I want they to add Simba.


Kronk from The emperors new groove


Turbo is from Dreamworks, not Disney.