Votes for new charcters


How about some characters from Gravity Falls? Bill Cipher, Time Baby, Dipper/Mable, Grunkle Stan, Ford


Hercules and jack skellington are needed !!!


Time Baby? I’d rather have more characters who were actually major please. If you’re going to do a Gravity Falls time-traveller at least make it Blendin. Definitely up for Dipper, Mabel, Stan, Bill and/or Ford. Maybe Wendy?


Since disney made acquisition for marvel and star wars … i want to see a heroes from those 2 franchise…
Personally i would like thanos and vader… lol…


I’d like to see some KP Characters: Kim, Ron, and Shego come to mind, although Drakken with flower power would be cool too. Elsa is another one I would like to see - She’d make a great one to have a friendship with Ralph. Also since Stitch and Miguel are in the game it would be nice to add Lilo and Hector. Maybe some of the other 625 Experiments would be nice too - Angel and Reuben for example, since alot of people know and love those two. Yesss and Shank would be interesting ones to add. And since you’ve recently begun adding villains and you already have Incredibles characters in here, maybe Evelyn Deavor would make an interesting character. She’d make a GREAT control!


I want bullseye instead of zurg


Yeah, gotta agree. Zurg really isn’t a main character. Just only in toy story 2. We should haved the main gang.




Umm, DC right there & dat is not part of disney


I know… u.U
Ya dejé el juego… lo elimine… vivo feliz ahora… :stuck_out_tongue:


Joy from inside out olaf from frozen and pluto from mickey mouse


Your idea for Scrooge is amazing Perblue should see this


I made a skill set for Remy & Luinguini on the forums go check it out!


Here are some more guys I would want.
Tod & Copper (The Fox and the Hound)
Gurgi (The Black Cauldron)
Timon & Pumbaa
Dodger (Oliver & Company)
Lady & The Tramp
Basil (The Great Mouse Detective)


Same also shank and spamly


I think they are in game.


They are my dude

(20 characters)


New characters:
Pocahontas, Snow White, etc… (actually all the disney princesses)
Beast (from Beauty and the beast)
Baloo and Mowgli (like Sully and Boo)


+1 randle
+1 mr. Waternoose
+1 simba
+1 kion
+1 bunga
+1 beshite
+1 fuli
+1 ono
+1 mulan
+1 Anna
+1 elsa
+1 lilo
+1 belle
+1 Cinderella
+1 beast


I would love to see Yzma and Krunk. Lol Kuzko as well. My husband wants Cruella DeVil