Votes for new charcters


There are some costumes id like to see:
Glory Days outfits for Bob and Helen, and civillian clothes for Bob, Helen, Lucias, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack.
But for characters Id like Syndrome and Evelyn.


Another animal in the game…
Bambi (but full grown)


Yes Dipper and Mabel! Like we already have gravity falls badges in the game, why not the characters as well. They can be a two in one character like Sulley& Boo.


Nice it’s nice to know that you are adding Dipper and Mabel


Adult Simba, adult Nala, Timon, Pumbaa Rafiki, zazu


I would like to see the characters in zombie. Like Zed Addison or bucky.

I also want characters from gravity falls


Also pls add the officer Wilde skin for nick


Bolt mittens rhino,and Penny (movie)


Rapunzel for support


Scrooge McDuck.


I’d wish for the Beauty and the Beast characters mentioned a while back.


Hércules, Zeus ,Poseidon, Jafar (Gênio), Bela, Fera,Rainha Má, Cruella Devil, Claude Frollo, Jay, Evie, Carlos, Mal e Uma


Princess jasmine, Alice, Mad Hatter, Captain Hook, March hare, Yzma, Pocahontas, rapunzel, Flynn rider, mother gothel, cruella de vil, Mulan & mushu, Jafar, Hercules, megara, Tarzan


I like to think they heard my request and made it happen.


I would love to see Star Butterfly/Ludo/Toffee/Marco (Star vs. The Forces of Evil). Star would be such an adorable addition to the game. Plus she has a wand, soo… maybe that’s a thing.


Superman is from DC, not Disney!


You forgot Fuli. She’s the cheetah.


I could definitely see that.


I also want guido his white skill could be hide and seek and green skill tire throw blue skill could be healing power and last skill should be Luigi


Robin Hood and little John
Peter Pan, Captain Hook
Joy, Sadness, anger, disgust and Fear
Donald, Goofy, Daisy and Pluto