Walter and 80s Robot (The Muppets)


Walter uses his high pitch whistling talent on the battlefield, with 80s robot supporting allies alongside Walter.

Trial Team: Blue
Stars :star:
Quote “Your fans never left you, the world hasn’t forgotten! All you need to do is show ‘em again!”

Basic animations.

Basic attack. Instead of having a basic attack 80s robot gives a can of Soda to an ally healing them. If there is no allies Walter will throw Muppet merchandise dealing Fantastic Damage to enemies

Entrance. Walter slides on a luggage bag while 80s robot comes in a car. Dealing damage to enemies at Blue Skill.

Defeat. Walter runs into a line of enemies dealing damage to them at green skill, 80s robot shuts down.

Victory. Walter jumps up and down, 80s robot smiles with his eyes.

White skill: Pierced Whistle :beginner:True damage. Walter whistles inspiring his allies and dealing X true damage to enemies. The inspire has a chance to fail against allies above level X

Green skill: Stage fright :sparkles:Fantastic Damage. Walter runs into a line of enemies when he reaches 0hp dealing X fantastic damage to enemies.

Blue skill: Park it right there!:fist:Normal damage. 80s robot rides in a car dealing X normal damage to enemies, Walter comes late arriving 5.0 seconds into battle on a luggage bag dealing X normal damage to enemies.

Purple skill: Delicious drinks. Whenever 80s robot brings a can of Soda to allies they are invincible for 5 seconds and are energized. The invincibility and energize has a chance to against allies above level X. If there is no allies Walters merchandise Hexes enemies.

Red skill: Man or Muppet. Walter revives after using Stage fright with 50% percent of his max hp. 80s robot doesn’t revive. This has a chance to fail above level X. Walters basic attacks deal X True Damage to enemies.

Additional stat boosts

1000000 Damage to Stage Fright

3000 Skill power

9000 Basic Damage


Kermit. Story Walter wants to put on a show Kermit thinks that’s a good idea, one problem they need a celebrity!

Disk. Stage Fright inspires allies

Allies. Mickey Gonzo Fozzie bear

Wall e. Story. Wall e and 80s robot are collecting garbage one of Wall e’s hobbies until they are ambushed by creeps!

Allies. Eve Bunsen and Beaker Kermit

Disk. Pierced whistle charms enemies for 2 seconds

What do you think of 80s robot and Walter? Would you add them to your team?

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